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Bell's palsy understood in layman's terms, herbs, supplements suggestions included.


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Also called Facial Palsy, Bell's Palsy, (named for a Scottish Surgeon, Sir Charles Bell), is a paralysis of the facial muscles due to inflammation of the facial nerve. The disorder is usually temporary and one-sided.  It comes on suddenly and may be associated with Herpes Zoster (like shingles and chickenpox).

The face and mouth sag on the affected side and the eye usually cannot close completely.  There maybe pain in the ear on that side.  Taste may be impaired or sounds may seem unnaturally loud depending on which nerves are affected.  It can occur at any age and affects Males and Females.

If the left side of the face is affected, the mineral Sodium should be supplemented.  Celery, carrots, beets, lemons, are high in sodium.  Kelp, Gotu Kola, Licorice and Rose hips are herbs high in Sodium.

If the right side is affected, Potassium is suggested.  Lentils, bananas, wheat germ and leafy greens, kelp, peppermint, sage, parsley are all rich in Potassium.

If the myelin sheathing on the nervous system was totally healthy it is almost impossible to contract Bells.   To build the nervous system I would take B-Complex, Flaxseed oil or Evening Primrose oil, Nerve Control (formally RE-X), Herbal Sleep (formally HVP), Wood Betony or Valerian I would also add Spirulina 

Alfalfa  stimulates the  pituitary.

L-Lysine helps the body fight virus.

IF-C for inflammation is very beneficial.  

Because Bell's Palsy can be caused by a virus, VS-C should also be considered.

Most people recover in a few weeks with no lasting symptoms.  Very few are left with permanent muscle weakness.

I have worked with several people with Bell's Palsy, it is not uncommon for someone to tell me, after taking the herbs, they are 95% symptom free in a matter of days, while usually Bell's last much longer than that.

The regimen I suggest to most is VS-C (25  a day) L-Lysine (6 a day) and Nerve Control (Formally RE-X), Spirulina and Flaxseed oil to keep from getting it again.

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