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Emotional healing. Bach flowers rids toxic emotions. Are you working with physical part of health while getting nowhere, probably its emotional.


Many people know that herbs and plants can be used to cleanse and heal the body. This article is on the flowers that can be used to cleanse and heal the mind and emotions.

Believing that repressed emotions can cause physical health conditions, a doctor who lived in England named Edward  Bach, in 1930, left the field of medicine to search for a remedy which would work on the emotional level of health.

He determined that there are 38 different - negative moods  or states of mind that afflict man. He believed the vibrational properties of certain flowers when ingested could help release and soothe certain deep-seated emotions.

If this sounds too simple consider what Dr. Philip Chancellar said about Bach Flower remedies, "Let not the simplicity of this method deter you from its use for you will find the  further your research advances the greater you will realize the simplicity of all creation".

Many health conditions from Parkinson's disease to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) to headaches and chronic fatigue are linked to a suppressed or unresolved feelings.

There are some common sayings that reflect the notion the emotions effect the body such as he suffers from a "broken  heart" or he "died of grief".

We also refer to being stressed out, worn out, exhausted when, in fact, the foundation of that physical feeling is emotional.

I would venture to say that most people have felt a physical connection to their emotional state. Perhaps the theory  that Dr. Bach believed so deeply should be given some thought.

Listed are the 38 different flowers:

AGRIMONY emotional torture behind"good front" MUSTARD Unknown gloomy feeling
ASPEN Vague fear of the unknown OAK Disheartened but still tries
BEECH Intolerant and critical of others OLIVE Mentally fatigued
CENTAURY Submissive or easily influenced PINE Perfectionist; never satisfied
CERATO Indecisive; relies on others RED CHESTNUT Constant worrying others
CHERRY PLUM Afraid of emotional vulnerability ROCK ROSE Impending doom
CHICORY Selfish, controlling and possessive ROCK WATER Critical of self
CLEMATIS Living in their own world SCLERANTHUS Constantly hesitant
CRAB APPLE A feeling of self disgust STAR OF BETHLEHEM Traumatized
ELM Overwhelmed by responsibilities SWEET CHESTNUT Mental anguish
GENTIAN Pessimistic attitude VERVAIN Unwaveringly opinionated
GORSE Deep sense of hopelessness/despair VINE Overly domineering
HEATHER Emotionally dependent WALNUT Needing feeling of security
HOLLY Envious and jealous WATER VIOLET Loner
HONEYSUCKLE Lives in the past WHITE CHESTNUT Dwelling thoughts
HORNBEAM Unmotivated and lacking energy WILD OAK Needs status/recognition
INPATIENTS Irritable and Impatient WILD ROSE Stuck in a rut
LARCH Pessimistic about capabilities WILLOW Resentment

There is also a remedy called RESCUE REMEDY and an improved remedy called Distress Remedy which is a generic emotional  stabilizer.

The remedies are in liquid form and can be custom blended to work specifically for you. To determine your custom blend take this long but helpful questionnaire.

I took one bottle that was designed for me by a friend. It didn't change my outlook on life (I don't think one bottle will) but I dreamed more and I think some emotions were coming to the surface.

The vibration of the flowers are meant to allow a deeply suppressed emotion or memory to surface so that it can be worked out. The Chinese believe that for ultimate health you must balance and consider the body as a whole.

I believe that a healthy mind and attitude are needed to help create a healthy body. I am open to the idea that Bach Flower  Remedies can assist in achieving a healthy mind and attitude.

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***When working with natural health it is beneficial that you have an understanding of the signs of a healing body. ***