Blood Pressure

Studies Finally Reveal...

While I was surfing the Internet, I came upon an interesting article.  It was posted 27 May 1997. JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) stated that there is a link between potassium supplementation and the lowering of hypertension (high blood pressure).

From the 33 controlled studies Dr. Paul Whelton (formerly of John Hopkins) now with Talane University School of Public Health, gave the concluding statement "It really adds one other major element to the ability to prevent and treat high blood pressure, and I think that these data are more convincing than any other data that has been presented to date."

He also stated, "The existing body of evidence ..favors the notion that potassium supplementation should be considered as part of recommendations for prevention and treatment of hypertension".

I personally didn't need this information to be published.  I had learned it at an herbal convention years ago.  My mother increased her natural organic potassium and got off of all her blood pressure pills that she was on 40+ years.

However, I am quite pleased that this information was released.  It seems quite ironic to me that most blood pressure medicines contain a diuretic which depletes the body of potassium, which is the very mineral that helps control the blood pressure.

Those who seem to retain water (which can be a symptom of a potassium deficiency), are on a diuretic or have a high salt diet, apparently get the most benefit from potassium supplementation.

If you plan to increase your potassium intake, please remember that minerals work together and need to be balance.  For instance, when I added only potassium, my magnesium deficiency became more pronounced.  The symptom of this was heart fluttering.  I personally would take a multi-mineral as a base and prudently add a natural potassium (I suggest under a competent health practitioner's care).

Other supplements you might want to investigate are Gingko/Hawthorn combo, Garlic, and investigate chelation if you suspect that your cholesterol is out of balance.

Years ago Doctor Scala (the gentleman responsible for Nature's Sunshine's Scala Line of Vitamins) taught the importance of potassium in blood pressure control.  He cited many studies on the "K Factor" (The chemical symbol for potassium is K). Now that the article in JAMA was printed the world acts like it is some big news.  JAMA may be cutting edge, but they are still merely at the heels of Doctor Scala.

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