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Bones Spurs, heel spurs explored including causes, dietary deficiencies, herbs, supplement suggested.

Bone Spurs (Heel Spurs)

What is a Bone Spur?

It is a deposit of calcium.  Bone spurs are the most common, although you can get deposits in joints (which can push the bone out of the socket such as hammer toes) spine or on the end of a bone.   It is often sharp and when outside pressure is added on the surrounding soft tissue or nerves, produces a consider amount to severe amount of pain.

What Causes a Spur?

The medical profession says it is from over use or too much weight on a bone or joint.  I think this can aggravate it, but I believe it is caused by poor digestion or ingesting too much inorganic calcium such as: Milk, cheese, ice cream or yogurt; taking cheap or fake sources of calcium such as oyster shells or chemicals. Not having enough magnesium with the calcium can also contribute.

It is quite commonly caused by medications that suppress or neutralize the Hydrochloric Acid (Stomach acid) can keep the body from breaking down calcium enough so the body can fully use it.  A hiatal hernia can also prevent the full digestion of calcium.  

In my mother's case it was from a severe calcium deficiency.  Growing up during the depression, good food was scarce.   My mother could no longer use her hands to write or even open a door, no strength and so badly deformed.  

I suggested a very liberal amount of a natural calcium in equal ratio to magnesium. Now she has recovered most of the use of her hands, the knuckles are almost the normal size and 6 of the fingers have straightened up considerably.  There was a strange side event that happen with my mom taking the calcium, at 79 she started to develop and cut her stunted wisdom teeth.

Rarely it can also come from the body trying to repair damage, an injury, a virus, over acidity, or a problem with the parathyroid.

Other things to consider, not utilizing calcium properly can also effect the heart.

Arthritis - the body if it does not have enough to get the body alkalized, the acid can effect the joints.

Weak back  - for the same reason as the arthritis, the body will rob calcium out of the lower back to help neutralize the acid.

In Conclusion

If I had bone spurs I would consider:
Supplement Reason for Suggestion
Herbal CA (good natural source of calcium) To neutralize the body and displace* the inorganic calcium (if under 35)
SKL Organic calcium which also contains Magnesium and HCL (hydrochloric acid)(if over 35)
Food Enzymes Source of HCL (hydrochloric acid)
Burdock Helps bust up inorganic calcium

*Displacing calcium means that the organic calcium can encourage the body to shed the inorganic calcium.

Getting the bone spurs scraped or putting things in your shoes make take care of that pain associated with bone spurs, but it is much like having your smoke detector go off and you either pull out the battery or ignore it.  It is a warning signal.  I would personally would find the fire and put it out.

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