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Chelation, especially oral chelation is a process of helping the body cleanse the arteries of plaque, cholesterol, inorganic minerals, metals


Chelation by definition means the action of clawing.   People in the health field use this term in two ways one is a process of attaching a mineral to an amino acid for better utilization or to describe cleaning plaque off the blood vessel wall one cell at a time (a possible alternative to angioplasty or bi-pass surgery)

We will be examining the cleaning of plaque.  There are IV chelation or oral chelation.

Different circumstances warrant the different techniques.  If there is an extreme urgency such as the development of gangrene, then I would suggest the IV chelation.  If, however, you have a little time, or if you have kidneys that are not working up to par, I would suggest the oral chelation.

This article is about a very popular oral chelation. I am amazed at the numerous testimonials of Mega-Chel.  Although it is illegal to make medical claims, Mega-chel is said by many to be an outstanding oral chelation (a way to clean the arteries of cholesterol or inorganic minerals).

Even though Mega-chel is nothing more than chelated minerals, the body adjust to it better if introduced slowly.  I suggest that you introduce Meg-chel one of the following two ways:

PROTOCOL #1 -The first week you take 1 Mega-chel two times a day, the second week take 2 Mega-chel two times a day, and build for 6 weeks until you are taking 6 Mega-chel two time a day (this is not a prescription, just a suggestion).

PROTOCOL #2 - The first day take your pulse take a Mega-chel wait for 15 to 20 minutes and retake the pulse, if you pulse has raised 6 beats or more, the following day I would skip and the third day try 1/2 a tablet.  

If the pulse rate stays the same the next day I would increase it, taking one in the morning and one in the evening again by taking the pulse.  I would then increase slowly as the pulse would dictate, until I reached six in the morning and six in the evening.

With either of the protocols, I would stay on the Mega-chel at twelve a day level for at least one month for every ten years of age.  For example, if I was 39 years old, I would round that off to the nearest 10 or in other words 40 and then take the Mega-chel for at least 4 months.

*(there are some people that cannot tolerate Mega-chel at that level. You can take a lower level for mush longer if you prefer.)

I also suggest that a multi-mineral is added to the program so during the cleansing the body's mineral levels are not lost.  I also suggest that hydrangea be taken along with Mega-chel, to help prevent gall or kidney stones from forming.

Taking extra organic calcium might also be wise.

This all sounds like Mega-chel is unsafe or unwise, but it sometimes takes the body to adjust to a healthier lifestyle.  

For instance, if you are out of shape and start to exercise, you may have some adverse reactions such as sore muscles or increased heart rate.  This does not mean that exercise is bad for you. On the contrary, exercise is a vital part of health.  What it does mean, however is that you need to go slower to let the body adjust to the increase in activity.   So it is with Mega-chel.

As you clean the cholesterol out of the arteries it only makes sense that the levels in the blood will be higher as it dumps the cholesterol into the bowel to be eliminated.  It is also important to keep the bowels moving so that the body does not reabsorb the cholesterol.

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