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There are three basic types of diabetes: 1)  Gestational diabetes which occurs when a woman who previously was not a diabetic experiences high blood sugar levels during pregnancy and, more often than not, returns to normal blood sugar levels after the delivery of her child; 2)  Type I -  also known as juvenile diabetes;  and 3) Type II -  usually known as Adult onset diabetes (Note, although called Adult onset diabetes, type II diabetes is beginning to develop in children). This article will focus on Type II diabetes.

UPDATE: Type 3 diabetes aka alzheimers is also now becoming accepted.

Diet can be beneficial. I once took a lecture given by a man who claims to have had people normalize their blood sugar by a specific diet alone.   I have not seen that happen personally, but I know for me (I am not a diabetic, but do experience an imbalance in blood sugars from time to time) and others I have suggested the diet to, there was noticed a dramatic improvement be they hypoglycemic or diabetic.

I give lectures periodically on this diet (see schedule) which consists of eating a diet rich in fiber and eating proportionally less high glycemic (raises blood sugar) foods. Click here to get an outline of the diet and which foods are high and which are low glycemic indexed and why they fall in each category.

The diet above, I believe, is wise for anyone with a blood sugar imbalance.

As far as I know, all Type I diabetes stems from a weak or inefficiently working pancreas. Quite frankly I suck at helping anyone with this type of diabetes. I have not worked with any Type I who no longer needs insulin that I am aware of. I wouldn't be totally discouraged however, there are those in the natural health field who claim to have done miracles with type I diabetes.  So I encourage you to search on.

But let me suggest that you put into your protocol GTF Chromium and use Stevia for a sweetener. There are a lot of people who use saccharin or nutra-sweet for their sweetener. and I believe that is unwise. There is a good book called Aspartame, nutrasweet is it safe?. The doctor who wrote the book says that studies show that Nutrasweet can actually cause diabetes (among other health problems).

Stevia however actually nourishes the pancreas and, I believe, is the best sweetener for anyone.

With Type II diabetes I have had people report remarkable results. Persons who, before I was in the natural health field, would have believed impossible.

I have known many who had their doctors recommend that they take less and less insulin (because of their blood sugar reports) until they no longer needed insulin. Of course do not do this on your own. And when you take these herbs strictly monitor your sugar levels , because of possible blood sugar drop.

I have found that the vast majority of people with Type II diabetes notice a dramatic improvement when addressing the liver's health.

This would be consistent with the syndrome X theory where people who carry extra weight around the midsection become more likely to develop the adult-type diabetes. The liver often, when weak, turns simple sugars into fat and stores it around the belly. (click here for other symptoms of a weak liver)

Most people do not get diabetes overnight. Often their blood sugar is very low (hypoglycemia) (medically, if below 50 mg/dl or have pre diabetes with a blood sugar of 100 to 125 mg/dl) although these numbers change from time to time.

During a class, I once tested a few people who enjoyed above-average health's blood sugar. Their blood sugar registered between 80 and 90 mg/dl although they were instructed not to eat past midnight the previous day. Skipping breakfast their readings stayed within those limits. For the sake of this experiment, they pigged out on carbs and sweets, even drinking soda (which most did not do) and we took the blood sugar levels right after lunch and 3 times within the next 3 hours. Again their blood sugar varied very little.

The body should store sugar, produce enough insulin or convert fat into sugar. Although the adrenals and the pancreas are involved in this balance, the liver appears to be the pivotal organ in this process.

Indeed, most of the people I know who had Type II diabetes and get off of insulin have done so after nourishing their liver.

A strong indication of whether your diabetes is caused by the liver is if your blood sugar is above 80 when you wake up in the morning. The pancreas had all night to produce insulin and your levels should be low. But if the liver, while detoxifying, releases sugar during the night, then your blood sugar could be elevated first think in the morning. This surge in sugar being released often wakens people out of a sleep.

If that is your case, I suggest taking Liver cleanse formula in aggressive amounts (increasing until you sleep the whole night through). I would also follow the diet above.  In addition, I would add omega 3 oils (taken with a protein) and GTF Chromium.

When I was 17 the doctor told me I already had blood sugar problems.  This wasn't surprising, it really ran in the family with many of my relatives either blind or had lost a leg because of diabetes. I had gestational diabetes at 19 and 21 years of age with my two children. I, however, have nourished my liver and in 2006 at the age of almost 49 my blood sugar levels are better than at 17 - 21 years of age!

I also have had the honor of getting the report of others that their doctor deemed them as no longer needing insulin shots. The body is truly amazing when given the right nutrients.

I deeply believe no matter what Type of diabetes -- Gestational, Type I or Type II -- that diet, along with nutritionally supporting the liver, adrenals and pancreas, has to be beneficial.

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