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Ear infections, especially children's ear infections can be avoided by changing diet,nutritionally supporting immune system through the use of herbs


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Inner ear infections especially among preschoolers and young adults are at almost epidemic proportions. A study released from Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta stated that the cost of doctor visits for ear infections last year(1995) was over 1 billion dollars. Even at rising doctor fees that's a lot of ear consultations.

I'm sure that each of us knows at least one young child that has chronic ear infections. What causes the increase of ear infections? We might find a clue by looking at other trends in our society.

Trend 1

There are more bottle fed children than breast fed. (Breast feeding however is being more encouraged lately.)    The baby who is breast fed gets the mother's immunity with the milk. Breast milk also doesn't cause mucus build up.

Trend 2

Record high commercial milk and milk products sales. Cows milk thickens the mucus in the body which inhibits its cleansing effect.

Trend 3

Common use of vaccines.

Trend 4

Anti-biotics are the most prescribed drugs in America. Anti-biotic usage (although in emergencies are needed) weakens the body's natural immune system. I personally believe that anti-biotics are grossly over prescribed. Trend 4 Anti-biotics are also in our meat supply. This too can lower our immune response.

Trend 5

People keep their homes too warm in the winter.The ideal temperature in our homes is 58 to 62 degrees fahrenheit (except for infants, weakened,and elderly). Warm air drys out the mucous in our nose and respiratory system. This dramatically increases our chance of getting infection of the ears, sinus and throat. It is also a good idea in the winter to set out clean containers of water to humidify the air.

Trend 6

Many people use cold suppressants such as:Contact, Snuff etc. These do not clean out mucus but rather thicken it so bacteria and viruses can attack the respiratory system and ears.

Trend 7

Sluggish bowels. America as a whole is a constipated society. The three complete bowel movements daily that we all should be having not only are important so we get a constant supply of fresh nutrients it also has a cleansing and siphoning effect on the body.

The respiratory system is to be cleansed by the mucus which then empties into the bowel to be excreted. If you let the bowel movements get sluggish the respiratory system cannot operate properly.

There is also a link to second hand smoke. Changing your life style by cutting out all of the above will not cure all ear problems, but many people I have worked with have had dramatic results by just cutting out milk products, cold suppressants, excessive use of antibiotics, lowering the temperature in their home, humidifying their home and acquiring good bowel elimination.

Infections from the sinus/throat area often infiltrate the Eustachian tube. Swollen glands in the neck both lymph and tonsils also pinch off the very end of the Eustachian tube preventing it from draining properly.

It is more effective to clean something with water than with jello. For mucus to do its job, it needs to be thin and antiseptic. Vitamin C in adequate dosages should greatly increase the desired consistency of mucus. To break up thick mucus many have used combinations called ALJ, Sinus Support, Marshmallow/Fenugreek, Fenugreek/Thyme or Tei Fu oils.  

To aid the body's immune system' s ability to combat infection Goldenseal/parthenium or Lymph cleanse formally IGS II(unless hypoglycemic) then I suggest Lymph cleanse HY formally HIGS II or Echinacea. For viruses such as colds I believe and ALJ combined cannot be beat. Others use CCA or IMM-C .

Most have excellent results with their children's inner ear infections by CUTTING OUT THE MILK PRODUCTS, OVER THE COUNTER REMEDIES and UNNECESSARY ANTI-BIOTICS

Also KEEPING THE BOWELS MOVING and taking LIQUID ALJ AND ECHINACEA/GOLDENSEAL during flare ups and using Children's  Elderberry Herbasaurs to help nutritionally support the immune system in between times.

I have a friend whose son was one of the children who contributed to the tally of rising chronic ear infections. He had earaches for 4 months.When he was 6 months old he had been on 5 different kinds of anti-biotics for 3 months and it wasn't getting rid of the ear aches. He also developed thrush from the anti-biotics. The doctor suggested that she have tubes put in his ears. Instead, my friend gave her son herbs. In less than 5 days the doctor could no find a sign of the ear infection.

Whenever Tommy's ear started to get infected she'd give him the herbs, he began needing them less and less. He is now 3 years old and he has not had one ear infection this winter.

Update: This article was written in 1990, and Tommy hasn't had a major ear infection since he was 3.

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