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There is a growing number of studies on the effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs for short).  These electrical fields are silent and invisible so most people deny their danger.  Just because you can't see or touch it, doesn't mean that it is not doing you harm. For instance, radiation or even carbon monoxide both are undetectable by the unassisted human senses, but exposure to either can be fatal.

Every live wire radiates a small amount of EMF, but the amount of the EMF escalates whenever an appliance is plugged in and running. The field has limited radius. So distancing yourself from electrical apparatuses while they are running lowers your exposure.

When I was young, my mother would constantly drag me back from sitting so close to the television.  Now, however, I don't think twice about television being an unnatural mechanism. We have adopted electrical devices as part of our natural world, but in actuality they are not natural.

I'm not saying that we should go back to candles and all manual apparatuses. I would, however, like to make suggestions for avoiding some strong sources of EMF such as:

  • Heated water beds can emit high EMF's while they are turned on.  But is drastically lowered when the heater of the water bed is turned off. It is a good idea to heat the water before retiring and turning it off before you are actually lying on the bed
  • A hot water bottle is a superior choice over a heating pad
  • Teach children to play electrical games or watch TV from a distance
  • Stopping the use of electric blankets is best, but if you can't live without one, try buying one that is labeled as a "Low field product". Some electric blanket brands  that have a lowered amount of EMF's are "Casco's Soft Heat", "Northern Electric's Sunbeam" and "Slumber Rest". Electric blankets have been strongly linked to infertility, miscarriages, arthritis, breast cancer, chronic fatigue and depression
  • Most of us have an electrical clock near our head as we sleep, it would be far better to have it at a 5 to 6 foot distance from you. It may be a pain to have to get up and turn it off but that is more convenient than it would be to battle with a brain tumor
  • Use a manual can opener over an electrical can opener
  • Try to limit the use of hair curling rods and blow dryers
  • Use a blade shaver rather than an electric razor
  • Microwave use for many reasons is an unhealthy choice, but if you are going to use them anyway, at least stand at a distance when they are turned on
  • Put lamps in the corner of the room or use a ceiling light to help distance you from the EMF.

Where you live may make you more at risk such as those who live near high voltage power lines or transformer boxes. It may be advisable to buy an ionizer to help counter act EMF's.

Experts have determined that a safe level of EMF is 2 milligauss. If you have electricity wired into your home you have approx. 0.5 milligauss. As you plug things in and then turn them on you increase that amount.

For example when you are holding a hair dryer blowing dry your hair you are being expose to 1400 milligauss. That is even higher than a television which is an average 100 milligauss.

It is believed that Electromagnetic Fields quadruple a child's chance of developing Leukemia. All humans are twice as likely to become depressed or under-energetic when constantly exposed. I'm sure that just about everyone has heard of the collective lawsuit by Policemen who have developed testicular cancer from holding an electrical radar transmitter in their laps or the multimillion lawsuit by those who claim that cordless phones are responsible for their brain tumors.

It is just about impossible to live in an electric free world and, quite frankly, I wouldn't want to.  But we need to use prudence in our daily lives and try to take some simple precautions to help protect ourselves.

The numerous studies are given validity when you think how our body's brain waves and nerve impulses are electrical. It is, therefore, less logical to believe that EMFs wouldn't have an effect on our body.

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