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Epilepsy, Understanding some of the causes of, diet, nutrition for Epilepsy. Ketogentic diet explored.


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Many people think of epilepsy as a disease when in fact it is merely a symptom which happens when there is an electrical disturbance in the impulses within the brain.  The manifestation of this conditions affects at least 1% of the American population in various degrees.  Even though all that most people know of epilepsy is of the grand mal seizures that are portrayed in movies or on TV, the fact is grand mal seizures are not the most common type of seizure.

There are 4 major types of epilepsy.

  1. GRAND MAL - Consists of involuntary convulsion like movements, sometimes following a scream or a whine.
  2. PETITE MAL - Brief lapse of contact with one's surroundings.  Often the person is often unaware that they have had the seizure.
  3. PSYCHOMOTOR- Incoherent speech, smacking of lips, purposeful movements. Person may be unaware of what happened.
  4. JACKSONIAN - Involuntary movements involving 1/2 of the body (example: left arm and left leg.)

In the movies a witness to an epileptic seizure holds the person down or shoves a spoon in his mouth.  

The proper first aid is to guard the grand mal sufferer from his surroundings, such as to move furniture and to cushion his he head with your jacket. Holding him down can cause physical injury to both him and you.  Besides chancing the possibility of having the epileptic bite your fingers if you attempt to put something in his mouth, it can also break his teeth.

Once when I had a Red Cross class our instructor said that a person can't swallow his own tongue but instead if flops back.  He might then pass out, but if you roll him over the tongue will flip back out.

If at all possible, determine the cause of the disruption in the brain impulses, such as a head injury most commonly from scar tissue or damage from high fevers or birth. (Remember the brain CAN heal - watch this movie... FIRST DO NO HARM)

Other causes which sometimes are not recognized by the AMA are: food allergies, infections, parasites, poor circulation, hypoglycemia or the mal absorption of B-6, calcium, magnesium or fats.  Toxicity from lead, aluminum and aspartame are also in question.

Contributing factors to consider are sodium levels, bowel movements and yeast.

Some modern European physicians believe that treating the spleen with the single herb mistletoe (do not take unless under supervision.  CAUTION: Some parts of the mistletoe can be fatally poisonous) can be effective.

Other herbalist have suggested:

  • Acupressure for Seizures.
  • Nervine Herbs - Valerian, lobelia and passion flower
  • To improve digestion - PDA (fats), Skeletal Strength (formally SKL) and acidophilus
  • Nourishing the brain - Gotu kola, Super Omega 3 oils, Flaxseed oil (Taken with a protein)
  • Parasite - Black Walnut, Herbal Pumpkin AND Special Formula I
  • Improve circulation to the brain - Blessed thistle, capsicum and vitamin E
  • Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) -- Licorice root, HY-A and HY-C
  • Detoxify Body -
    1. Bowel - Cascara Sagrada, LBS II  and psyllium.
    2. Blood - Burdock and BP-X 

Many suggest the following restrictions: No coffee, tea or soda, no choline and no aspartame (nutra sweet).

Some epileptics can never determine the origin of their symptoms.  Perhaps an Iridologist could shine some light on the problem.  Since there isn't just one cause of epilepsy it may take awhile to formulate the correct herbal diet.  I am a firm believer that it is amazing what the body can and will do if given all the right nutrients and put back into proper balance.

I think that the misconceptions of what epilepsy is has to be almost as distressful as the condition itself.  It has nothing to do with intelligence, it is not contagious, and there is no need to fear someone with epilepsy.

On a personal note:  My father was an epileptic, once when he had lost too much sodium from sweating his medication let him go into a psychomotor seizure (first time that had happened).  I will never forget the hurt on his face when after pulling his car over, the cops accused him of being drunk.

That was the last time my father would drive.  I wasn't into herbs then and in his last years my father's epilepsy became uncontrollable.  I often think of the psychological damage  done over the years that the uninformed on lookers on had done in their honest attempt to help him during his seizures.

So if you come upon someone who has a seizure, please don't shove a dirty wallet in his mouth, just protect him from his environment, touch his hand and let him know that you are there, and afterwards tell him that there may be a natural means that can help.

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