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Tinnitis, Meniere's disease discussed in easy to understand terms, including some herbal suggestions.


Tinnitis is a ringing, buzzing, high pitch tone or roaring sound in either one or both ears, which can lead to permanent hearing loss and basically drive you nuts.

I had Tinnitis and vertigo symptoms and it is miserable.  Mine was from anemia from heavy menses.  This is not an official cause of Tinnitis, but I know from my condition coming and going that anemia can cause it.

Other causes are impaired circulation to the head or ears, a mineral deficiency especially Zinc.

The most common suggest supplements for Tinnitis is Gingko/Hawthorn, Manganese (I usually suggest Red Raspberry) and Zinc.

I would want to add for those who may be anemic, I-X and Vitamin C.

Some who are diagnosed with Tinnitis, may really have Meneire's.

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