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Understanding: glaucoma, cataracts, eye problems, pink eye, macular degeneration etc. Herbal suggestions including an eye wash


With increasing pollutants in our environment, there are a greater amounts of eye problems developing. If our skin gets clogged, sometimes all we need to do is take a bath and dry vigorously with a rough towel.

Some eye problems such as glaucoma are believed by most herbalists to be caused by congestion of toxins.

So what can you do for the eyes? When asked by Health View if there is a formula good for the eyes. A famous herbalist (name not allowed to be used because of his heirs wanting monopoly of his name) said "I've developed an herbal eyewash that corrects a wide variety of eye problems." In most cases, eye problems - even serious ones such as cataracts and glaucoma - will show tremendous improvement within a matter of months."

When using the eye formula EW you are cleansing as well as nourishing the eyes. The famous herbalist also stated "When the entire eye is cleaned out, the vision will naturally improve." When the waste material comes out of the muscles, the muscles will become stronger and will be able to focus better. Pressure can normalize. When the lens in the eye is cleaned out, it will become almost crystal clear... "

EW will help increase the circulation in the eye. This means nutrients will travel more quickly to the eye and the eye can then regenerate."

When making anything that is to be introduced into the eye it is very important to keep everything that comes in contact with the solution: pan, storing container, cloth etc. sterile. CAUTION: Anything but strict adherence can result in at least an eye infection.

To make the eyewash, put one teaspoon of the formula in a cup of boiling distilled water. You should never use tap water.

When the tea has cooled, and the herbs have settled to the bottom, pour the solution through a clean, unbleached piece of 100% cotton.

Don't use any synthetic fibers.Then pour a small amount in a glass eye cup, which you can get at any drug store. Place the cup over one of the eyes and blink the eye for a few times, then rest the eye for a few moments. This will let the eye become accustomed to being washed. Then repeat with the other eye.

The second day, you can try to leave the eye open a few seconds in the solution. Your eyes may sting in the beginning. But the more you use the eye wash, the easier it will be.

I would keep using the eye wash three times a day, and try to keep your eyes open in the solution for longer and longer periods. Hopefully, within a week you should be able to keep them open for five minutes at a time.

Also, I suggest you take three capsules of the formula twice a day internally. This is absolutely essential if you expect to get maximum results.

ATTENTION: When cleansing toxins out of the eye via the above eye wash, many experience discharges mocking that of pink eye or may sting.  This is common. If you have any concerns, contact a competent health professional.

My Stepfather, who was 79 years old, had suffered from cataracts,  glaucoma, and wet macular degeneration for almost a decade.

He had the cataracts removed.  Then when I got into natural health, he used the above eye wash and took EW internally.

Presently his macular degeneration is undetectable, even the blood that had leaked out has been reabsorbed by the body.  Also the pressure in his eye became completely normal.

His lens implants did discolor for a short time, however, after about 2 week after finishing the regimen, the lenses cleared up.

Since this article my stepfather quit the herbs and his glaucoma returned, he is going the medical route this time. I believe this doesn't take away from what the herbs accomplished for him, but I believe in being totally upfront.

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