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Understanding the most common causes of infertility, nutritional as well as suggested Supplementation. Basil testing, detections of ovulation etc explored, to help t hose suffering from Infertility.


Once I kidded a friend who was married for two years about when she was going to start to populate the earth. I could tell by the look in her eyes that my remark pierced her heart. I had assumed that she was waiting when in fact she was desperate to have a child but was not able to conceive.

My kids sometimes drive me nuts, but I would be lost and left empty without them. I can't imagine the void that would be in my life if it had been I instead of her.

She is not alone. It is said that 20-25% (and rising) of all couples can't have the number of children that they want. Hopefully this article can help improve the odds of someone who is trying to get pregnant.

There are several books written on infertility. There are an array of tests doctors can give. If the doctor says that you and your mate check out okay, but you are still having difficulty, I would research various ways of determining ovulation because there are only a few days of the month that conception is possible.

Billings method, which I used for my second child, consists of watching for clear egg white like mucus that can be stretched between thumb and finger.

Basal method which involves graphing your temperature, to help predict when you ovulate. It won't tell you if you are about to ovulate but can help you determine when you may be the most fertile for the following month. It takes a special thermometer which is in tenth degrees.

Steps to follow:

  1. Set up everything the night before ( any movement in the morning can alter the temp). Take your temperature first thing as you awake before you move around
  2. Graph on chart (available from most doctors)
  3. Do for at least 2 months. Your temperature rises slightly within .2 to .6 degrees after you have ovulated. It will be too late for this month but will help you predict your fertile period the following months.

Rhythm method. Approximately fourteen days before your period begins you should ovulate. This is not infallible it depends on length of cycle and may differ from woman to woman. It is said that if a woman's body is lacking nutrients that this may affect fertility. This can't be picked up on tests administered by a doctor.

Improving diet and building the body with herbs may help, especially the reproductive organs. It is said that false unicorn nourishes the reproductive organs for both males and females. But if you aren't ovulating every month you might not want to take a progesterone herb like False unicorn, when you do ovulate to encourage another egg to get set up ready to mature.

Red Raspberry may encourage the woman's estrogen level to elevate which is what might be needed to conceive. I personally know of three women who conceived after they were told that they were infertile.

They were each taking the above plus Female Comfort (formally Female Control formally known as FC with Dong Quai) for several months and their husbands were taking damiana. Now that I have learned about herbs I have since contacted my friend to share what I've learned. Her disappointments from other methods over all these many years has left her unwilling to hope again. Since the doctor can find no organic reason for her inability to conceive, I fear she may be passing up her only real chance to conceive.

My mother after 10 years and several operations was still childless. She then took a remedy called Lydia Pinkham's Compound (which I am told can be had by going to Walgreen's, but Female Corrective (formally FC with Dong quai) taken with Red Raspberry is as close as I can find to Lydia's formula), which was advertised as having a baby in every bottle. It contains many of the herbs suggested above. She got pregnant with my brother and after another bottle she had me. Coincidence...?

In addition. I have learned about an herb called Maca which is very good for nourishing both the male and female sex organs. I would suggest this herb as well.

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