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While surfing the net I have seen many misinterpretations of what Iridology is. Iridology was discovered and developed by those in the medical profession. It has absolutely nothing to do with new age or telling the future. It is a science. If you go to a doctor with a skin eruption and he tells you that it is chicken pox or psoriasis, he is not being psychic, he just understands that the appearance of the skin can indicate what caused the eruption. So is it with Iridology. If you want to learn more about Iridology we offer Classes Online.


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There are many theories on how Iridology indicates what is going on in the body. To understand the theories you may also want to research reflexology, acupressure and acupuncture.

One is a theory that there are hundreds of thousands of nerves or energies running from every tissue and organ of the body, ending in the tips of your fingers and toes as well as the iris of your eyes. That is why stubbing your toes hurts more than the same impact on the leg.

Nature is somewhat constant. Most people know that when the roots of a plant have been injured or aren't receiving the nutrients or moisture that they need, the first signs of the decline in the health of the plant will be found in the outer most part of the leaves.

Apply that to the nerve endings that are running throughout your body. If, for instance, your pancreas has been damaged or lacking a nutrient or is in poor health, the first sign of the decline in the health of the pancreas will be found in the outermost part of the nerve endings, many which end in the iris of the eye.

Although exact neurological mechanics of the phenomenon is not fully understood, it seems that when an organ or body system is in poor health the nerve running from that body part will start to recede, somewhat like a leaf wilts. When it does, it draws with it various degrees of the layers of fibers which make up the color of the iris of the eyes, leaving darkened marks called lesions.

There is a chart that has been developed over the last 150+ years that tells us where the nerves originate that lead to the eye.

This is my version of that chart.

Another part of Iridology can be better understood by comparing it to sediment in a stream. The water carries sediment for the most part down the stream and deposits it at the mouth.

When there are impurities or foreign particles in the blood, they are carried and deposited in the iris of the eye. The color of the deposit tells which gland or organ the sedimentation originates. For instance, brown is excess impurities (usually drugs) that the liver cannot filter out of the blood. Some other deposits that form in the eye indicate aluminum (associated with Alzheimer's), cholesterol, unutilized chromium and sodium, or toxins which could lead to cancer.

Cholesterol highlighted in red on the right eyes.

Liver Psora highlighted in red in the right eyes indicating a toxic liver.

Orange Psora highlighted in right eye indicates pancreas (insulin) toxins

Uric acid is highlighted in red in the right eyes indicate Uric acid settling in the body

The reading of the iris by a competent Iridologist is very accurate and accompanying questions can often tell what is going on in the body even before symptoms start.

Now that you understand how Iridology works, why not make an appointment with your nearest Iridologist and see what your eyes are indicating?

History of Iridology Ignatz Von Peczely was 11 years old in the early 1800, he lived in Egervar which is outside Budapest. He accidentally broke an owls leg he noticed that in the eye on the same side developed a black line, when he nursed it back to health, the line disappeared. (I question this story).

Later he became a doctor and would keep a drawing of their Iris, with the other records. From that he notice that there was consistencies between their health melodies and markings in the eye.

He developed a chart. Which is remarkably close to ones used today. A Reverend named Nils Liljequist from Sweden discovered the relationship between the coloration's and chemicals. Dr. Benard Jensen has kept it alive and helped develop the chart most often used. From the eye you can detect weaknesses, toxins and deficiencies, there are indicators of stress and parasitic possibilities.

Iridology use to be taught in leading medical schools including Harvard. My personal opinion is that it is the most valuable diagnostic tool, known to man. I suggest that anyone in the Health Field learn Iridology of course, but I also suggest mothers or fathers learn it as well, and keep an eye on their Children's Iris to catch conditions which can lead to health problems if un addressed.

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