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Understanding the kidney function, what is good for the kidneys including diet, herbal suggestions as well as health symptoms such as: fluid retention, kidney disease, gout, kidney stones, water retention


Some natural healers say that before anyone has ANY SYMPTOMS of kidney problems they can have at LEAST 60% KIDNEY DAMAGE, so it's very important to strive to keep them healthy.

Most people have been told that it is important to drink 8-10 glasses of good water a day. Urine should be 96% or better of water in order to flush all the sediment out of the kidneys.

It is almost impossible to get good water today. Experts suggest that people only drink water purified by a reverse osmosis system. Even Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) water needs to be kept refrigerated.

Many people are buying bottled water. When water is stagnant it breeds bacteria unless it is distilled or chemically treated.

Chemicals used to purify the water are linked with kidney disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and more.

Distilled water is unstable molecularly. The process of distilling encourages Hydrogens to share an oxygen molecule.


It is still called H2O or Water, but everything in nature tries to stabilize itself including distilled water. As the unstable water passes through the urinary system, especially the kidneys it will draw out oxygen which, with prolong use, can weaken the kidneys. I don't believe that anything not found in that state in nature be considered totally safe.

During one of my classes a debate arose about which is healthier for you, R.O. water or Distilled. The instructor separated the class by putting R.O. fans on the left and Distilled supporters on the right. He said that he personally believed R.O. water was the best, but would give 20 min (10 min each side) for the class to express their case. A few of us new to Natural health sat on the adjacent wall, watching the debate.

Some people quoted studies and chemical compositions etc., but during it all, I think I understood why the instructor did it this way. Those who were on the R.O. water side, had skin which was healthy and vibrant, while those on the Distilled water side, had skin which didn't have the same glow. That to me said it all.

A high quality spring water, should be a good source as well. Water drawn from pure springs not refrigerated will breed bacteria no matter how sterile looking the bottle. Some people say "The top of the water cooler isn't refrigerated but as it comes out it passes a cooling system." What they are drinking then is cold bacteria. If you had piece of meat out for days or weeks could you make it safe by refrigerating it right before you eat it?

Many a public water system has been laced with fluoride to strengthen our teeth. This Fluoride can alter the brain function and can destroy your kidneys. You can buy a new set of teeth much easier than going through a kidney transplant.

Another important aspect in keeping healthy kidneys is to keep all of the other eliminating systems functioning properly.

The 2.4 million nephrons inside the kidney filter the blood.

If the bowel, liver, or the skin is not functioning properly the blood will be more toxic and will cause more acid than the kidneys are designed to handle. Many with gout will attest to this fact.

Probably what causes the most abuse to the kidneys are:

COFFEE, TEA AND SODA. Some people think that it's the caffeine in these drinks that is hard on the kidneys and joints. Caffeine is not good for you, but it is the tannic acid that damages the kidneys. Another real offender is artificial colored sugar water. Carbonation is also very hard on the kidneys.


Do drink good water, juices and herbal teas.

My favorite combinations to nutritionally support the kidneys are: Combination K, Urinary Maintenance (Formally URY) and the Chinese combinations:  KB-C and Chinese Kidney Activator (Formally K-C)

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