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Laughter IS the best medicine. This is a short article stressing the importance of laughing.

Internal Jogging

(or Laugh aerobics)

I'm sure that you have heard that "laughter is the best medicine".  I believe this to be true. Just as no one should underestimate the havoc that stress can do to the body and the immune system, they should also never underestimate the benefits of laughter.

 Many experts suggest that to relieve unreleased adrenaline that you jog or do strenuous exercise.  Laughing has an internal jogging effect.   Have you ever almost had an accident or fell and the first reaction is to giggle?  This is one of the ways that the body has to relieve the tension of the moment.

In his recent newsletter a fellow herbalist sent an insert that has some suggestions on life's best medicine.  

It is as follows: Laughing is good for you!!!

Laugh at least once a day.

Laughing is alkalizing.

Laughter will open you up and let life's experiences flow through you.

If you don't laugh regularly, you may suffer from "Humorrhoids". Humorrhoids is a condition that starts with a hardening of the attitudes and may actually lower your laugh expectancy.

Suggested cures include taking a mild Laughsitive every day Laughsitive is a humorous physic. This should restore you to Regular- Hilarity!!!

There has been some research about laughter.  Some cancer support groups now use comic relief as part of their healing process.  There is no doubt about it, laughing makes you feel good,  so if you are sick and tired and stressed why not try a dose of laughter.  

This medicine will not cause an adverse reaction or side effects (unless you split your sides), it will not result in toxicity and the price is right.

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