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Understanding Lyme Disease, lyme symptoms, herbs that have been used to help with Lyme


The following unbelievable story is that of someone whom I know personally.

It started in Nov 1989.  A friend of mine experienced what she thought was the flu; headaches, fatigue, nausea and sore throat.

She never fully bounced back.

January 1990 - she developed a recurring infected throat and her menstrual cycle became heavy and extended.

April 1990 - she became overly sensitive to noise and she had sporadic aches and pains (including chest pains).

May 12 1990 - she was given a battery of tests which included tests for AIDS and Mono to meningitis and cancer.  All came back negative.

Soon after, Barb needed assistance to walk, she became paranoid and her skin was overly sensitive.

While at the dentist Barb bumped into a friend, who was Xeroxing information about lyme.

She obtained a questionnaire (for copy see page 3) and although, she never remembered getting bit by a tick she had all of the symptoms listed.

She had to beg her doctor to give her a lyme test.  When she was tested, it came back positive.

It is amazing what the medical establishment put her through.

Her first doctor dropped her as a patient.

The director of infectious disease instructed Pittsburgh hospital not to treat Barb because he said "There is no lyme in Cambria county", despite the fact that test prove the family dog had also died from it.

She went to several places with the motto, "don't take no as an answer and follow it until your heart is satisfied".

January 10, 1991 - this determination led her to Dr. Joseph T. Joseph MD, Internal medicine, (office) 1466 North Hermitage Road, Hermitage, PA 16148   telephone (412) 962-3633.

By the time Barb found Dr. Joseph her health had drastically deteriorated and she was taking seizures.

After 5 weeks of IV antibiotics and $3,000 a month  of oral antibiotics she was at a livable level of health.

September 1993 - I met Barb and she started an herbal regimen which has let her get off the antibiotics without her usual relapse after 1 week.

She is actually improving on the herbs.

If you suspect that you have lyme disease, don't let any doctor tell you that there is no lyme disease in Cambria county. After Barb found out she had lyme her family was tested; her 2 daughters, son and husband also have lyme.


Facts Vs Fiction

  1. If you're not bitten by a deer tick you cannot be infected.  FALSE.  Fleas, all types of ticks, horseflies and mosquitoes can infect you with lyme.  Lyme can also be sexually transmitted through the sperm from man to woman.
  2. All I need do is look for a bulls-eye bite. FALSE.  Only 40% of all lyme suffers ever remember seeing the Bull's eye or rash.
  3. All tick bites cause Lyme.  FALSE.  Only if the tick has the spirochete parasite in it.  It is this parasite that plays havoc on a human's immune system.
  4. Deer meat is unsafe. FALSE (probably).  Studies show that cooked well the spirochete parasite dies when cooked.
  5. Only Deer carry this tick. FALSE. All animals can potentially carry the tick, including field mice, dogs and cats.
  6. If I had lyme I'd know it.  FALSE. Lyme disease mocks other diseases such as: lupus, MS, Epstein-Barr and common arthritis.


While out in the woods, wear long sleeves and long pants (tuck pant legs in socks).

Washing clothes may not kill ticks, but the high heat of a dryer can dehydrate the ticks.(usually)

Spray deet on clothes (I personally do not like the use of deet, and would never put directly on skin.)

Wear flea and tick collars on domesticated animals.

If you find a tick, do not squeeze the tick. With a fine point tweezers grasp the tick where its mouth parts enter the skin and gently tug.  Save the tick in a jar of alcohol label and date it and locations of the bite,  Wipe bite with alcohol.

If you suspect lyme get tested right away.

Herbal Suggestions

Barb took black walnut  and herbal Pumpkin for the parasites,  and Defense Maintenance for the immune system, HS II for the heart, Nerve Control (Formally RE-X), Spirulina, flaxseed oil for the nervous system.   She  now has a health food store that she manages full time, is involved in church, does Tie Bo 3 times a week.

When I hear a story like Barb's I want to warn everyone!  When you know something is wrong with your health listen to the body over listening to a doctor or anyone else that says there is nothing wrong.  And as Barb said "Don't take No for an answer.".

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