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Lupus is an auto-immune disease which attacks the skin, organs, joints, tissues of the body. Lupus is a mystery to medical profession, however, herbalist understand possible causes of lupus. Dietary and supplemental suggestions for lupus, Herbal and natural remedies suggested for lupus, also contains the phone number the Lupus Foundation.


Sign of the wolf

Lupus is an auto-immune disease which can effect the skin, joints, nervous system and internal organs.

The immune system never just start to attack the body for no good reason.  Dr. Morter in his book YOUR HEALTH YOUR CHOICE teaches that the auto-pilot system of the body does not react inappropriately.  It is the toxic level or deficiency within the body responsible for the immune systems reaction.

I understand how the doctor's erroneous theories developed, because it does appear as though the immune system has turned on the very body it is to protect.

As with all stressed conditions it is advisable to cleanse the body of all toxins.

There are 2 types of lupus:

Type #1 - Lupus valgaris - which is a type of tuberculosis of the skin causing skin eruptions.  Although the cause of either types of lupus is not fully understood (especially by the medical and scientific community)  The study of Type #1 lupus is going in a direction that would indicate a virus.

This theory, I believe may have some merit because those I have worked with who have Type #1 lupus have been very pleased with the results using:  VS-C and l-Lysine and Pau D'arco both internally and the cream.  All of these herbs have been historically recognized by herbalist for its anti-viral possibilities.

Type #2 - Lupus erythematosus - also called a systemic disease (or in other words a disease that effects the whole system (body)).  This is the type that is known for the butterfly rash on the face.

As a matter of fact this rash is how lupus actually got its name Lupus means markings of the wolf.

As the word systemic suggest this type of lupus involves the whole body.  Suggestion for this type are more involved.  It is wise to nutritionally support which ever organ is being effected by the lupus.

Since stress conditions are caused by toxins it makes sense to keep the four eliminating system working at a peak of perfection by:

Bowel - 2 to 3 bowel movements a day- increase bulk, and perhaps  take LBS II,   

Skin - Use a loofah, no antiperspirants, no skin oils.  Sage to help promote sweating.

Kidneys - no coffee, tea, soda or colored drinks.  Lots of good water.  Perhaps  Urinary Maintenance (Formally URY) or combination K.

Respiratory - Don't use cold suppressants and milk products.     I'd like to suggest ALJ or LH.

With both types of lupus diet plays an important role.  Ideally 75-80% of the diet should be raw vegetables and fruits.  Since pesticides add to the body's toxicity remember to scrub off insecticides or soak in 1 tsp. NSP concentrate and water. Less than 80% raw vegetation diet, can cause profound pH imbalance and there for inflammation may develop which in itself can cause Lupus symptoms.

Lupus has been linked to Coffee and tea, Stress, FLU SHOTS, Mercury fillings in teeth.  Drugs, especially HYDRALAINE and PROCAINOMIDE, Food additives, Fatigue, Infections, and Birth Control Pills.

Whenever you work with an auto immune disease such as lupus, often you feel worse before you feel better and patience is important.  It probably took years to decades to build up enough toxins to overwhelm and aggravate the immune system to the point that it started to seemingly attack the body.  It will, therefore, take a long time for you to be able to cleanse the toxins enough to have a long term effect on the stressed system.

As with all health conditions, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Auto-immune diseases are a good argument for periodic cleansing.

For more information on the medical view of lupus call 1-800-558-0121 for an information packet.

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