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Meniere's, Vertigo, Tinnitus are very similar in symptoms. Herbs, supplements suggested.

Ménière's (Meniere's) Disease

To discuss Ménière's disease it is best to first define some terms that often accompany the condition.

VERTIGO Dizziness which can cause nausea, loss balance, and exhaustion.
TINNITUS Is a ringing, buzzing, high pitch tones, or roaring sound in either one or both ears, which can lead to permanent hearing loss.

The symptoms can come all at once or develop gradually and often seems to disappear for long periods of time.

The actual cause of Ménière's is unknown to the medical profession, however Ménière's seems to be aggravated or triggered by anxiety or tension which explains the suggestion of B-6 by some herbalist.

What is know about Ménière's is that sufferers seem to have an overabundance of fluid in the semi circular canals (see illustration) which functions is to help the brain determine if the body's position is upright or laying down.

Some sufferers notice a slight improvement by limiting salt which may help prevent excessive fluid retention anywhere in the body.

The medical profession may suggest diuretics or anti histamines to reduce fluid in the ear.

Nutritionist may suggest eliminating all milk products.  Because milk products form mucus and can make fluid drainage sluggish.

Chiropractor's have made cervical adjustments which encourage the draining of the Eustachian tubes.

Rarer contributors: Caffeine, smoking, (nicotine in any form), alcohol, nutra sweet (aspartame), poor nutrition can cause tine arteries to clog, thyroid disease, diabetes, nerve deterioration and damage due to brain tumors, noise, injury, infection, drugs and trauma.



Ginkgo and Hawthorn combo Increases circulation to the head
Red Raspberry Good source of Manganese (which is thought to cause Ménière's)
Ginger Aromatic helps open up sinus
Ma huang Ephedra opens passages (taken off the market in 2004)
Mistletoe Not sure why just found under suggestions
Lily of the Valley Not sure why just found under suggestions

Vitamin C 2000 mg Helps with mucus drainage
Vitamins B1, B2, B6 Nerve Support
Zinc Zinc deficiency can cause the symptoms

Camphor Opens passages
Cinnamon Stimulates mucus drainage

Ménière's have developed in people from the ages of 4 to 90.  Although it usually effects those 20 to 60 with the average starting in their 40's.

As with many medical treatments the regimen is to control symptoms.

The goal of Natural regimen is to correct the problem.

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