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Understanding the detrimental effects Milk and milk products has on the body, including contributing to sinus problems, inner ear problems, arthritis, osteoporosis, etc

Does Milk Do the Body Good?

The average man is no longer guided by nature.  We can learn a lot about health by watching the animal kingdom.

All mammals, but man, wean their young. Milk is to be a mammal's early nourishment only.  It is not meant to be in an adult's diet.

Cow's milk is not good for man and is actually harmful.  The human body needs a ration of 1:2 or a 1:1 ratio between calcium and magnesium. There is little to no magnesium in cow's milk (approx 1:8 ratio).   This is one of the trilogy that is necessary for man to utilize calcium (calcium, magnesium and Vitamin D).  Without it milk's calcium can cause kidney and gallstones, it can form on the inner arterial wall, in the joints as arthritis, or as cysts or spurs.

Even more dangerous is HOMOGENIZED Milk.  Homogenizing was developed to keep the milk's fat from raising to the top, forming cream which can quickly turn rancid.

Most people think that homogenizing is a health precaution when in actuality it just increases the shelf life.

The process of homogenizing consists of forcing milk through a sieve at a high rate of speed with a lot of pressure which breaks up the fat globules into small globules.  The surface of the fat is then too small to float.

There is an enzyme called (Xanthine Oxidase) which is attached to a surface of the fat molecule in milk.  The liver filters this enzyme out of raw cow's milk but when homogenized milk is consumed it can be absorbed through the intestinal wall directly into the bloodstream.  This XO enzyme in the blood stream in essence then starts digesting arterial walls, heart valves and muscle.

In the magazine CURRENT SCIENCE issue April 1993, Doctors cited studies showing that "milk can cause man ills from diabetes to indigestion".

Many natural health professionals recognize that milk is involved in other health concerns including all that is caused by acidosis as well as:

ALLERGIES - It is said that the leading allergy (next to wheat) is milk allergies. Oftentimes, this allergy is misdiagnosed as sinus or respiratory problems, as well as behavioral or bed wetting problems.

ANEMIA - I know this from experience.  When my daughter was 2 she battled extreme anemia. Doctors gave her high dosages of iron and monitored her levels monthly.  Her numbers would remain dangerously low in spite of the iron that she was taking.  Then a baby doctor in Altoona named Dr. Burkett asked me how much milk she consumed in a day.  With a lot of pride I told him that she drank plenty of the "Perfect food" .  He said, "If you keep it up you are going to make her anemic" .

I cut her milk consumption to about 1/4 what it had been and sure enough her iron level raised dramatically the next test (without iron supplementation).


Despite what the doctors say, milk does produce and thicken the mucus in the respiratory system.  Mucus should be thin so that it can flush out bacteria and virus.  Milk binds up this mucus.  Therefore, the impurities are not washed out properly.  This contributes immensely to sinus, bronchial and asthma problems.


Many people with severe kidney problems are instructed to cut out milk products.  It is not good for the kidneys in anybody.

Despite all these negative side effects of milk it is still listed as one of the four basic food groups and is the base of the majority of baby formulas and health drinks.

The body needs calcium but a baby should drink mother's milk or if breast feeding is impossible, goats milk  (a four stomached mammal such as a cow should never donate milk to a one stomached animal) and anyone over 2 years old should get this calcium out of vegetation like the most dense boned animals on earth (the elephant and the cow).


Cow's milk is acidic. The body has to adjust to this acid, it will pull calcium and sodium out of the bones and joints to neutralize the acid. Those I have worked with with severe arthritis or osteoporosis, improve dramatically when they cut out all the milk products. Including, milk, cheese, yogurt and ice cream. Butter however, appears to have an alkalizing ash due to the formation of butyric acid during churning.

There is a site called . The name alone gives you a hint of their view of milk.:o)

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