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Menopause. Understanding the causes, suggested helps for Menopause, hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, bone lose, using diet, herbs and cleanses


Menopause is defined by the medical books as a time in a woman's life when hormonal changes cause ovulation and menstruation to cease.  Sounds quite uneventful. Actually it should be uneventful. I have talked to older women who say they would just notice the no longer menstruated, but had no other symptoms, however this does not reflect what average women of this generation are telling me that they are going through.  These hormonal changes as told to me are the source of major discomforts.  This is the menopause that this article is about.

It can take up to ten years for a woman to completely go through the change.  It usually starts between the ages 46 to 54, although I have talked to several woman who started in their 30's.  You are officially through menopause when you have gone 1 whole year without a period.  Surgical menopause from a total hysterectomy is usually quicker and may or may not be more dramatic.

Possible Symptoms and Suggestions

Breast tissue begins to atrophy (weaken).  This is usually caused by lack of quality estrogen and progesterone.  Either because the body is not producing enough estrogen or because the liver is letting used or mutated hormones into the system.  For this I would suggest Black Cohosh for poor production of hormones or Liver Cleanse (formally LIV-A) for liver support.

Vaginal dryness can often make intercourse uncomfortable and even painful.  Besides hormonal supplements a lubricant such as Jojoba oil may help without adding to mucus membrane thinning like Vaseline can.

To help mood, facial hair or voice changes help balancing hormones and glands by using Mastergland Formula may be helpful.

On an average 75 to 80% of all woman will experience hot flashes during menopause.   If you are one of them, you may want to try  C-X, Flashease, black currant oil, Vitamin E, Black Cohosh, or Liver Cleanse (formally LIV-A)  I personally believe that most hormone problems experienced by women are a result of a toxic or weak liver.

If you are experiencing irritability you might want to look into getting Skeletal Strength (formally SKL), Vitamin B complex, FCS II, or my favorite Nerve Control (Formally RE-X).

For depression some have had good results with  Chinese Mood Alleviator (formally AD-C), DHEA-F or Blessed Thistle and Gotu Kola.

There are certain health concerns that a post menopausal woman needs to be concerned with such as:

Osteoporosis - Calcium deficiency cause by poor calcium absorption, utilization or too much acid in their system.  For changing pH, making sure there is enough estrogen (which transports calcium) and working with diet and digestion are the best avenues.  Changing pH, if you are acidic (take pH saliva test before starting) let me suggest Skeletal Strength, Liquid chlorophyll and Mineral Chi.   For estrogen, I suggest a combo called Wild yam with Chaste tree because estrogen and progesterone needs to be balanced to provide good bone health.  If you get gassy or burp a lot, I would suggest taking Food Enzymes with foods and supplements.

Skin gradually thins and is susceptible to tears, so I suggest Mineral Chi and Vitamin C with Bioflavinoids.

Headaches?  That's the toughest.  A good place to start would be Skeletal Strength or feverfew.

For the urge to kill someone :o), maybe try C-X and Nutracalm.

Hypoglycemia and a weakened liver can aggravate and magnify menopausal symptoms.  It would therefore be wise to determine if either of the conditions exist. I would like to suggest going to an Iridologist, Kinesiologist, Reflexologist or competent health care provider.

I use to suggest soy products, but now that the vast majority of soy products are GMO (genetically modified), I no longer suggest taking soy, because we do not know what effects this will have on our health.

Menopause is a natural part of the cycle of a woman's life.  It is not natural, however, for life to be so miserable.  It is common, but it is not natural.  Living with these complications of menopause is not only a pain, it is an indication that your body is not handling hormonal adjustment, which can weaken the heart, raise blood pressure and compromise the density and health of the bones.

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