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Foot odor. Understanding the causes of foot odor, herbal suggestions to help cleanse and deodorize the body.


When you're watching the Dr. Scholl's foot odor commercial where the dog retrieves his master's slippers and then falls over dead, does the whole family look over at you?

A member of my family had such a problem. It seems no matter how often he would wash, dry, or powder his feet the smell would return as soon as his feet hit a shoe. For him and others like him there are some suggestions.

Odor comes from bacteria. When the feet sweat, bacteria and toxins are coming through the skin.

WEARING SOCKS helps soak up the bacteria. Socks should be changed frequently. When you don't wear socks the shoe soaks up and breeds the bacteria.

There is a stone called a TAI STONE a natural way to keep down odor which is usually used on underarm pits. It works just as efficiency on feet and keeps bacteria from breeding. It also does not contain any aluminum which is in most anti-perspirants and which is linked to Alzheimer's Disease.

SOAKING feet in BLACK OR ORANGE PEKOE TEA for 20 minutes is said to help deep deodorizing.

A CLEAN EFFICIENT BOWEL will secrete a large amount of toxins and bacteria. If the bowel is sluggish the body will try to cleanse itself through another eliminating system (usually the skin).

Therefore cleansing the bowel may be a vital step in foot odor control.

A symptom of ZINC deficiency is foot odor.   Sometimes adding zinc to your system can be beneficial.

Usually (not always) those who lack zinc have white splotches under their nails or rough skin on the back of their upper arms.

Liquid Chlorophyll also helps deodorize the body from the inside out. There are many who no longer need any deodorant even underarm when constantly ingesting liquid chlorophyll.

Those whose diet is heavy on raw veggies and fruits usually have far less problems with odor in general.

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