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Understanding the causes and frequency of parasites, includes herbal suggestions,


In days past importance of de-worming (parasite cleanse) was common knowledge.  Seasonally parents would brew a foul smelling and tasting tonic and administer it to everyone in the family.  Somehow modern man has developed the idea that we're are no longer a parasite target.  

They are wrong, in fact, because of our diets we are even more so.  Anyone who bites his or her nails, eats pork, runs around in their bare feet, breathes, or eats packaged foods can contract a parasite infestation.  

There is a certain stigma about having worms.  It means you are dirty or scummy.  NOT TRUE!  Experts say that up to 80% of all Americans have at least one type of parasite involvement.

Parasites are not always intestinal worms.  They can be in any part of the body: The head, thyroid, mucus in the chest area, or even in the uterus. Oftimes, they are microscopic.

So what constitutes being a parasite?  Parasites are organisms that live upon or at the expense of the host.

Rather than focus on each type of parasite, let's focus on the reason for their presence and how to evacuate them from the human body.

Parasites have a function.  Decomposing the dead, the unhealthy and the weakened.  It is part of nature's system of recycling.  Parasites do not like a clean and healthy body, because they have little to feed on.  What parasites love is G-A-R-B-A-G-E, and the typical American diet provides plenty.

In the human body most parasites start in the intestine.  The intestinal system can be compared to your kitchen's food preparation area and place to eat.  It can be thought of as your clean-up and disposal area.  If for a long period of time the clean-up area is stacked up with leftovers, and garbage, you are going to attract bugs.

If things are not cleaned up, it's just a matter of time until the bugs invade other parts of the kitchen.  Some people's solution is to ingest a chemical to kill the parasites.  This is like spraying the disposal area to kill the bugs it may get rid of them, but if you don't clean up the area, others will come.

Some parasites can be found by a conventional stool test if they are a certain few and in the intestinal track.

Some health conditions have been linked to parasitical involvement, such as some: seizures, headaches, allergies, attention deficit disorder, sinusitis, lyme (a parasite that was transmitted from a tick into a person) and chronic fatigue to name just a few.

Many experts suggest that a biannual parasite cleanse be done.  Some of the natural methods that have been used historically are, garlic, black walnut, pumpkin, and a combination called  All Cell Detox.  There is also a 10 day Chinese  cleanse called Paracleanse (with Paw Paw).

After a cleanse, here are some tips on how to ward off reinfestation.

  • Make LIVE FOODS a large part of your diet, especially fresh vegetables.
  • LIMIT or CUT OUT DEAD FOODS like synthetic laced food, processed and packaged foods.
  • Add bulk to your diet with foods and herbs like psyllium hulls.
  • Build and tone your intestines with herbs like Cascara Sagrada and combinations Like LBS II.  Your intestines are smooth muscles and stay toned with nutrition, fiber and exercise. Flabby, saggy intestines invite parasites.  Drink enough of the best water you can get your hands on, especially Reverse Osmosis Water.
  • Limit meats.  If you have a hard time limiting them in  your diet, at least make sure you cook them thoroughly.  Tapeworms as well as other parasite infestations have increased amount in those who have a fondness for rare steaks, hamburgers or fish.
  • Spring clean your body periodically with herbs.  Any parasites from a microscopic organism to a 15 foot tapeworm can drain you.  They take needed nutrients and they excrete toxins.

Parasites are more common than most people are aware. You can discourage their invasion by keeping your body clean and healthy.  

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