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Preparing for Pregnancy, including, diet, cleanses, herbs, supplements needed during, before pregnancy to help prevent birth defects, help develop a healthy baby.


Wanting to get Pregnant? I truly believe unless a woman is in exceptional health, that she should prepare for at least one year before she decides to get pregnant. This article explains why.

It is estimated that this year, one in ten newborns will suffer from some degree of birth defects.

  • Approximately 250,000 will need medical intervention
  • At least 120,000 will have severe mental limitations.

These statistics do not include the growing percentage of children born hyperactive, emotionally disturbed or with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).

We as Americans on the whole are going down the genetic tubes.

I believe that American's deteriorating dietary habits and the increase poor health of our infants is more than a mere coincidence.

I have had several women ask me to counsel them on herbs that help with infertility. Upon iris analysis, and even though my heart goes out to them, I often see the wisdom nature is exhibiting. Their body is not an environment in which a fetus could thrive.

All birth defects and genetic weaknesses can not be eradicated.  However, I believe that preparation can benefit the health of the fetus immensely.

DNA, everyone's own personalized blue print of their body is largely determined before the egg and sperm join. You receive genetic tendencies from both mother and father.

That is why I suggest that those who want to be parents both go on an aggressive cleansing and healthy diet regimen for at least 1 year before they try to conceive.  A child cannot be born genetically stronger than both of his parents. 

My first step would be to detoxify. The cleaner your bowel, and the more efficient your kidneys, skin and liver the cleaner the blood will be.  A fetus gets the nutrients to build its new tissue from that blood.  The purer it is the more superior that tissue will be. 

Mother also gets an added benefit, because the vast majority of morning sickness sufferers can credit their plight to a toxic system.  

It is also a good idea to rid the body of parasites and yeast.  Although the body tries to establish a protective barricade to the fetus, parasites and yeast can penetrate.

I would custom fit a nutrition regimen to help alter the parent's genetics.  I would examine the families' genetic weaknesses and I would increase the nutrients known to nourish that organ or gland.  

For example:  If there are many in the family with asthma or lung disease, I would take supplements that would support the health of the lungs.  

I would add that nutrition to a prenatal vitamin base (both for mother and father).

To alter the genetics after birth is impossible. It takes at least a year for a couple to positively change their baby's possible DNA.

Another reason to prepare ahead is that some deficiencies cause damage to the fetus before the mother is even aware that she has conceived. An example of this is folic acid.

A mother needs folic acid reserve from day one or the baby could very well be born with spinabifida. Folic acid can prevent the vast majority (some say even up to 100%) of all cases of spinabifida, cleft pallet or cleft lip (even if it is in the family gene pool).

If the mother starts intake of folic acid after the 3rd month of gestation, the folic acid will not reverse damage already done.

More times than I would like to count, I do an iris analysis on toddlers who are genetically weak, which could indicate that they will have to struggle all their lives to stay healthy.

Listed below are vitamins and minerals whose deficiencies can cause birth abnormalities.

Nutrient Deficiency can cause:

  • Vitamin A - Poor vision, cleft lip and cleft palate. Also it can prevent most tubal pregnancies
  • Vitamin B1  - Heart disorders
  • Vitamin B2  - Cleft palate and short limbs
  • Vitamin B3 -  Neurological and psychological problems
  • Vitamin B6  - Cleft palate and Cleft lip.

(The B vitamins work together. You need a naturally balanced B complex to be able to absorb and utilize all the B's)

  • Vitamin C - Low birth weight
  • Magnesium - An array of birth defects
  • Calcium - Poor bones and nervous system
  • Iodine - Abnormal chromosomes and cretinism (mental retardation)
  • Zinc - Limbs being malformed and dwarfism
  • Omega oils - Lower intellectual capacity

These are the nutrients of which we are aware. I believe that there are infinite more that we are not.

It is also important for the mother's health to prepare. Nature dictates that the baby must get the nutrients it needs to develop. As a matter of fact many women's complaints (example tooth decay) happen because the baby will draw on any possible reserves.

There are many cultures that regulated the spacing of children. I think this practice is very wise. I know from experience that having children too close together is both hard on the health of the mother and the child. Most people believe that you need 2 years to replenish your reserves.

There are also studies that indicate that there are also benefits from exercise, prudent sun exposure and good mental attitude.

It saddens me, when I tell couples who come to me this information and they seem surprised because more often than not, their fertility clinic never mentioned nutrition.

In his book EVERYWOMAN'S HANDBOOK Doctor writes "Many misinformed and misdirected doctors, still in a stupor from medical school indoctrination in the erroneous Pasteurian germ philosophy of disease believe that health and nutrition are not related."

Common sense (which isn't taught in medical school evidently) dictates that the suggestions in this article are essential.

American's diets basically are ... garbage. According to the U.N. statistics from a 1978 study , we in the US are in 26th place when it comes to infant mortality and morbidity. I believe there is a correlation.

Again, following these suggestions will not 100% insure that your child will be born with no health concerns, but it will increase the chances. It will also give you the peace of mind that you prepared as well as you could. I believe that preparation is the greatest start that you could ever give your child.

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