Congratulations!  You are Pregnant.

There are several things that you may want to consider during this pregnancy.

Morning sickness

The best way to prevent morning sickness is to prevent it .

If you are already pregnant, it is too late to prevent it.  

There are a few herbs which have been used historically for the sickness:  Ginger, B complex, Red Raspberry, (caution if have gone into premature labor before or if spotting) and Celery juice.  

Sometimes artificial prenatal vitamins can upset stomach.  I suggest even if they do not to take a GOOD natural prenatal.

Ultrasound:  Lack of risk assumed

Many people ask me if I believe that having an Ultrasound while pregnant is a good idea.  Even though I am a very opinionated person, I really do not want everyone to act merely because I say it.  So I am going to try to give the opinions of both Naturalist and the AMA.

Most natural practitioners do not advocate using ultra sound.  They usually use the common sense approach to their argument such as:

Since they use ultrasound to break up gallstones and kidney stones, they should not aim ultrasound at any frequency at the delicate nervous system of a fetus.

The AMA says that the frequency is lower and they suggest ultrasound routinely.


Those who take the holistic approach deplore the fact that doctors treat pregnancy as an illness when it is a natural function and believe that nature should be left alone to do its job unless there are serious complications indicated.

Doctors now routinely prescribe sonograms (ultrasound) for such     routine data as: Estimation of gestational age, monitoring fetal growth and later in the pregnancy, fetal position.

FACT: The standing position of the official review panel which determined the safety of ultrasound is: "That it should only be used to indicate prenatal morbidity (gross deformation) or Mortality (death)."

The most recent review that was published was in 1984 where the Bureau of Radiological Health, the FDA, the World Health Organization and National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements studied biological effects of ultrasound such as: Immune response, change in chromosomal abnormalities, free radical damage and cell/membrane change and death.  They suggested further study be done.  They ended this section of their report with this quote:  "The existence of these studies is one of the factors that contributed to our decision that routine ultrasound screening cannot be recommended at this time."

Those who work with natural health often compare statistical trends to what is happening to the health of Americans.  The increase of ultrasound is matched by that of the increase of Attention Deficit disorder.

Doctors feel this is an unscientific approach at analyzing data.

The common sense ground between these beliefs would be that although studying statistics does not in and of itself determine cause and effect, however, they should not be ignored.

ON A PERSONAL NOTE; Although I did not have an ultrasound with my son Jenard who was diagnosed as having ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) he was monitored for several hours by a fetal monitor (a type of Doppler obstetrics device which monitors the heartbeat of the fetus which, I just learned through doing this article, uses ultrasound).  Which I learned could also thin the myelin sheathing.

Still confused?  Let me explain a little about what ultrasound is.  This comes from an article by the Science Department of Duke University.

Sound (including ultra sound) is a wave of pressure that needs to travel either through air or liquid.  Without these mediums there is no sound.

Sound is measured by its vibratory rate called Hertz (Hz) either kilo or mega.  The higher the frequency the shorter the wavelength.

It is difficult if not impossible to accurately measure high frequencies.

There was one quote from this article which deeply concerned me:  "Under right conditions, irradiation of a liquid with ultrasound leads to the formation and collapse of gas and vapor filled bubbles or cavities in the solution.  The collapse of these bubbles can be violent enough to lead to interesting chemical effects.?

I  realize that my opinion has crept into this article.  If you ask me if I believe in ultrasound just as a routine during pregnancy I would have to be even more forceful than before when I say DEFINITELY NOT .

The amazing part is that for this article I did more research involving what the medical profession had to say rather than what herbalist say.  It was their own report that totally convinced me to avoid advocating ultrasound.

Medical science does not, in my opinion, have a good track record.  I have a cousin that developed thyroid cancer because at one time x-ray treatments for enlarged tonsils were accepted as completely safe.  Years later it was discovered that those treatments gave many of its victims cancer.

What is even more scary is that they are not even stating that ultrasound is safe but rather the lack of risk is assumed.

The Care and Keeping of a Fetus

There are many factors needed for the fetus to thrive.  If you follow common sense health, natural supplementation and good diet practices, you will almost eliminate need to worry.  Following are a few suggestions that are not found in the average "If you are pregnant books".

A woman in essence is an incubator (keeps eggs warm) during the pregnancy.  Proper level of heat is very necessary.  

The thyroid is instrumental in the heat level in our body.  Those women who have lost children due to a chromosome problem, or during the beginning of the pregnancy, more often than not had a slow thyroid function.

The thyroid also needs nutritionally supported to prevent cretinism (a type of mental retardation). I would nutrionally support the thyroid with kelp or thyroid activator.

Omega 3 oils (as found in sardines etc.) are extremely important to the development of nerves and brain.  Most prenatals do not contain the amount is needed. Flaxseed oil, Evening Primrose oil or Super Omega 3 oils are suggested.

It is also important to have clean bowels during the pregnancy.  So the nutrients and blood is pure.  It also helps take stress off of the kidneys.   (CAUTION: Do not take laxatives because it has the potential of causing the baby to have a bowel movement inside of you.)

A common problem during pregnancy is toxemia.  Keeping the bowels working properly is very important in toxemia prevention.

Also keeping the kidneys healthy is important.  Mainly drinking an ample amount of pure water and no drinking of coffee, tea or soda is what should be followed.

Easier Births

Boy I wish I had known this when I had my kids.  

The two main focuses for delivery should be uterine tone and pituitary production of oxytocsin (which starts labor).

For uterine tone I suggest a great product called 5-W that is usually taken the last 5 Weeks of the pregnancy.

For the pituitary I suggest a herbal combination called Mastergland.

When you are at your due date, I suggest taking 2 of each (5-W and Mastergland) every hour and do nipple stimulation until you start going into labor.  

So far those who have followed that regimen have had short easy labors.  The longest hard labor so far less than 3 hours.

I hope this information helps.  There are many books which explain the changes that occur in the woman's body.  This article is not to replace those books, but rather to supplement them.

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