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Reflexology, Reflexology concepts explained, Reflexology is a treatment which helps improve the energy, circulation to various organs and glands.


To better understand the concept of the mechanics of Reflexology think of how a guitar sting works.  When plucked the string vibrates up and down.  The nervous system produces a sort of vibration that stimulates circulation, organs, glands, and body systems.  If you would lightly put your finger on the guitar string when it is plucked it will deaden the vibration.  Deposits or crystallization around the nerves will stifle impulses the whole way up the nerve circuit, deadening the impulses to different body systems.  This effects the efficiency of the body's capability of cleansing, and nourishing  the whole body.

Reflexologists massage the feet and hands (were the nerves end) to help increase the circulation to the various body parts thus increasing nutrient supply and cleansing capabilities.

On the following page is a diagram of where the nerves end in the feet. I don't expect this article to turn everyone into an instant reflexologist, but rather to take some of the mysticism out of this science.  There are many who let a lack of understanding of its mechanics prevent them from from exploring the possibility of its benefits.

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