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Varicose veins, Understanding what causes Varicose veins, plus information on how to help prevent, reverse Varicose Veins, broken capillaries, bulging veins, spider veins, or hemangiomas.


Arteries carry blood away from the heart to organs and extremities supplying oxygen and nutrients. Veins carry blood back to the heart carrying impurities from the cells to be excreted.

The pressure to circulate the blood originates at the heart goes to the tissues and back out into the veins.  It is necessary for the veins to have valves to help the blood's flow upward back to the heart.

As the heart beats blood is forced up the vein.

In between heart beats, valves close to prevent blood from draining back down the veins.

When the valves in the veins weaken and start to leak, some of the blood seeps into the chambers below.  This stretches out that part of the vein causing it to varicose.


Most people don't know very much about varicose veins even though one out of every four men and one out of every two women develop them by the time they reach the age of 40.

Contributing factors:

  • Standing in one position for prolonged time
  • Wearing something tight and restricting blood such as knee highs girdles, or tight clothes
  • Heredity plays a strong role
  • Lack of exercise
  • Long periods of standing still
  • Pregnancy

    The heart is the central pump.  The blood is forced down the arteries flowing through the tiny capillaries into the venules and up the veins.   Because the veins are so far from the pump (heart), it is necessary to have valves to return blood to the heart.

    But conventional medicine doesn't seem to know what herbalists have known for years.  There are sub-elements called Rutin in Bioflavinoids which found in vitamin C.  This nutrient is absolutely essential for health of the valves in the vein.

    It seems logical to me that if a nutrient is good for one part of the circulatory system, it probably benefits the whole.

    Symptoms of deficiencies of Bioflavinoids include: bleeding gums, spider veins, easy bruising and Hemangioma (Varies in size if most commonly a small blood spot) as well as varicose veins.

    2 Hemangiomas

    You can develop varicose veins, spider veins and Hemangioma not just in the legs but in the arms, chest, organs, such as the liver, anus (called Hemorrhoids), and the man's scrotum, etc.

    Picture of a Hemorrhoid (on rectum)

    It is, therefore, important not  to just pass over varicose veins.

    The medical profession would lead you to believe the only recourse is support hose (which do help some), living with them, injecting (called sclerosing treatment) with clotting agent or stripping out the veins.

    There is a home test that I would consider before I would ever agree to stripping my veins.  I would wear snug elastic bandages and if they feel better, it indicates that you have decent inner vein circulation.  If they feel worse this is probably how they will feel constantly after the surgery.

    I would caution, however, that the more tubing you take out of your leg the poorer your over all circulation will be.

    I suggest that before you do anything drastic you consider trying some herbal regimens.

    Bioflavinoid (For a short period of time, I would personally take a minimum of 6000mg of vitamin C which contains bioflavinoids) helps the integrity of all the blood vessels and is even accredited with preventing arterial build up.

    White oak bark (at least 8 capsules) helps tones blood vessels.

    Goldenseal and White Oak Bark internally and as a poultice have been used all over the country with great success.

    Thyme poultices have been used throughout history for varicose veins.

    There is a new product of which people are singing praises.  It is called Varigone. My first choice.

    The better the valves in the veins work, the easier it also is on the heart and the less likely you will get blood clots as well as varicose veins.

    I am always apprehensive about the view that if it's not working properly cut it out.  I prefer to nourish it instead.  Also minor symptoms like varicose veins indicate a deficiency that could lead to a more serious condition.

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