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Yeast Friend or Foe

Yeast infections aka candida albicans

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    by Melissa Shaw Coover

When you hear the words " candida albicans or yeast infection" most of us especially women, think of the vaginal burning, itching, and discharge of a cottage cheese-type mucus. This isn't always the case.

Yeast naturally occurs in everyone in minute harmless amounts.  They inhabit our mouth, throat, intestine and genito-urinary tract. As long as they are controlled by our good bacteria (acidophilus) they remain harmless. Through poor eating habits this harmless fungi mutates into a invasive and pathogenic (disease causing) fungi.

You can go on for years and never realize that you have a "yeast invasion" It is a slow process that can cause a variety of psychological, neurological or physical symptoms such as:  Gastro-intestinal tract: Chronic heartburn, gastritis, colitis, gas, constipation, diarrhea or rectal bleeding.

Nervous system: Headaches, depression, lethargy, irritability, lack of concentration or memory loss.

Genito-Urinary tract: Fatigue, joint pain, cold hands and feet, food allergies, increased body hair, numbness and tingling, loss of libido, chemical sensitivities, food cravings, sugar craving or mitral valve prolapse.

Respiration: sinusitis, bronchitis, hay fever, earaches or asthma.

Skin: Hives, fungus infections, eczema, athletes foot or dermatitis.

What is really sad is that we are deceived into thinking that yeast is not a serious condition, when it is.

We are not educated on what we must do to keep yeast under control and harmless. There is even a very misleading commercial on television. They claim their product will cure reoccurring yeast infection.

There are many reasons why these creams or suppositories should not be readily available. Number one reason is if someone has a reoccurring vaginal yeast infection there is something major wrong. This is not a cure it merely masks over a serious symptom.

She may have some other problem that could be compounded by the use of products like these. The solution to the problem doesn't lie in a cream. We have to take control of our lives and educate ourselves in prevention. If a health problem should arise we must learn how to take care of it naturally and take a holistic approach to healing.

When I had a yeast problem I solved it by eating nothing but vegetables and oatmeal for 2 weeks. You must stay away from wheat, melons, mushrooms, sugar of any kind, fruit, yeast and chemical additives. After 2 weeks you can introduce into your diet some of the less offending foods.

I also ingested 6-8 capsules of Flora Force enteric coated (capsule that doesn't break down until it is in the intestines)   and drank lots of Pau D'arco tea.

You should also work with digestion with a PDA and/or Food Enzymes. Ingest several capsules of Evening Primrose Oil or Black Currant oil each day and the maximum amount of Garlic.

It is wise to stay on the acidophilus for a couple of months and periodically afterwards.

If the yeast is vaginal and is burning you could make an anti-yeast douche and/or bolus. You could do a plain garlic douche, or comfrey tea or extract or acidolphilus bolus;

Bolus - take 1 part goldenseal, 1 part white oak bark, 1/2 part slippery elm, Mix with mineral water and olive oil.  Make a firm consistency that can be rolled into tube-like shapes on wax paper. Put in freezer to firm, let sit at room temperature before using. Insert into vagina at night, douche the next morning.

THANK YOU Melissa Shaw Coover for such an informative article.


(EDITOR'S NOTE: Regular douching can contribute to yeast.)  Did you know that yeast of the mouth is called thrush, on your feet is called athletes foot, in man's groin is called jock itch, etc.

Prevention is the key. To keep your yeast under control and friendly you must eat a variety of fresh raw vegetables and fruits. Go sparingly with the leaven breads, sugar, wheat and mushrooms.

High dosages of acidophilus should be done only under the care of a qualified health professional.

For more information read: The Yeast Connection by Dr.Crook and Candida Albicans a Nutritional Approach by Louise Tenney.

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