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List of Health Conditions from A to Z

Cravings, the body induces cravings for a reason, this article explores the reasons as well as how to correct the cause.

Stop the Cravings

By understanding why the body is inducing them.

The body is usually on autopilot.  The survival mechanism is very strong.  Usually people try to overcome this mechanism.  Which is almost impossible.

It is much easier and healthier if you respect and take advantage of it.

If the body is allergic to or lacking a substance it will activate the hunger/craving response.

When the body has the nutrients it needs, it does not prompt you to eat.  

There are several cravings that are sparked by certain deficiencies.   So it is simple, satisfy the deficiency and master the cravings.

Deficient Nutrient
All Food (general hunger) Poor digestion or severally toxic bowel. Food Enzymes, PDA or Noni, Blood sugar imbalance or Severe Mineral imbalance.
More than a Good appetite Multi-mineral deficiency Colloidal Minerals, Spirulina
Chocolate Magnesium Best to use Magnesium supplement.
Fats Sulfur Onions, garlic, Irish Moss
Milk and Dairy Calcium Organic Greens, Bonemeal, Comfrey
Salts Iodine Kelp
Sweets Chromium GTF Chromium or Red Clover tops

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