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Bronchial, Bronchitis explained in Layman's anatomy which is in easy understood terms, easy to reference, Including herbs, nutrition, lifestyle suggestions. Bronchitis, Asthma, Lung,


SYSTEM: Respiratory


NUMBER: Two branches

SHAPE: They are like up side down trees (see page Bronchials-4)

SIZE: They run from the wind pipe into and throughout the lung.

LOCATION: The BRONCHUS Y's from the wind pipe to each lung.  The BRONCHIAL branch out like branches of a tree (up side down).    BRONCHIOLES  are twig like protrusions from the bronchial which have aveoles or air sacs on the end where oxygenation takes place. (see  page Bronchial-4)

FUNCTION: Intake oxygen and expel waste, acid and carbon dioxide.  There are also hair like growths to help filter air to protect the lungs.

KINESIOLOGY:  None can be found specifically for the bronchial but we assume that it would be the same for lungs which is on both sides of the area 1 inch below outer 3rd of collarbone. (see page bronchials-5)

IRIDOLOGY: Bronchus - In both eyes.  Right eye at 2:00-3:30. Left eye at 8:30 - 10:00.  Bronchial - In both eyes. Right eye 8:05 - 9:55. Left eye 2:05 - 3:55 (see page bronchials-6).  Also a white haze indicates catarrh, acid and mucus.

REFLEXOLOGY: Both feet on the ball of the foot down from the gap between the large toe and the toe next to it (see page bronchials-7)

HELPS TO IMPROVE FUNCTION: Vitamin C, deep breathing and healthy medulla oblongata

DETRIMENTAL TO ITS HEALTH:  Smoking, cold or polluted air, milk products (milk, cheese, ice cream and yogurt).  Acid forming foods. Talc powder, sprays and other impurities that are inadvertently breathed in.

POSSIBLE SYMPTOMS/HEALTH CONDITIONS:  Bronchitis, hacking, stubborn cough with varying amounts of sputum being expectorated.

Bronchial pneumonia - Infection of the bronchial

Bronchiectasis - Chronic dilation of bronchial.

Emphysema- Lung condition with marked loss of elasticity of bronchiole and alveoli, making it difficult to cough and clean out lungs and air passages.                              

MAIN MINERALS: Organic Calcium, Copper, Fluorine (not fluoride), Iron and Silicon

MAIN VITAMINS: Natural Vitamin A, B complex, C and D

Blessed thistle Helps blood hold onto oxygen
Capsicum Catalyst of all herbs, Heat melts mucus.
Fenugreek Drains and draws out mucus
Horseradish Dissolves mucus
Fennel Clears lungs and bronchial of excess mucus
Lobelia Extract Bronchial relaxant and expectorant
Mullein Feeds medulla which stimulates deeper breathing
*Ma Huang Bronchial and nasal dilator

*Caution: Ma Huang with caffeine is dangerous.  If lacking potassium can cause you to retain water, raising blood pressure.  Not recommended if pregnant.

ALJ All Lung Problems
Chinese Breathe EZ (formally AL-C) All Lung problems (Chinese metal balancer)
CoQ10 >Helps blood hold onto oxygen
LH Lung Healer
Chinese Lung Support (formally LH-C) Lung Healer, immune and pituitary
Lobelia/St John's wort Used for lung cancer and helping to quit smoking.
Marshmallow/ Fenugreek Loosens mucus and draws it out

Tobacco detox   Helps about 40% people quit smoking
Prevention Stimulates immune system

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS:  The medulla oblongata is part of the brain/spinal cord which stimulates the diaphragm muscle (which lies between the lungs and stomach) to expand.  The diaphragm is a muscle in the chest area that when expanded causes a vacuum in the chest cavity which causes air to fill the lungs.  It is best to breathe through your nose because there are little hairs which help filter out impurities.

750 ML - Lung capacity

500 ML - What an average person breathes in and out


250 ML - 1/3 lung capacity which contains dead air.

Deep breathing exercises helps expel this dead air. Slowly inhale through the nose to the count of 8, hold to count of ten, forcefully blow air out through mouth for the count of 10. (Caution, might make you light headed).

Cold suppressants don't rid the body of mucus they just thicken it so it doesn't run.  In this thick mucus are bacteria, virus and impurities which can then attack the respiratory system.

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