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Lou Gehrig's disease, ALS, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Lymphoma, Understanding the lymphatic system as in layman terms. Herbs, supplements which nutritionally support the lymphatic system.

Lymph nodes/vessels

SYSTEM:  Immune

CATEGORY: Organs/glands (lymph nodes)

NUMBER:  No one knows for sure (too many to number)

SHAPE:  Usually almond shaped.

SIZE:  May vary but usually under 1 inch long

LOCATION:  Throughout the whole body: some between muscle tissue, some within the trunk, some in the intestine (called peyer's patches). The appendix is part of this system as well as the tonsils.

FUNCTION:  Produces and manages lymphocytes which participates in the body's immune system response.

KINESEOLOGY:  Major points are: Armpits (axilla), Under the jaw (mandible) and in the groin (inguinal)

IRIDOLOGY:  If there is a blockage or weakness it will show up in both or either eye around the perimeter as little beads like a rosary or they may be connected.  White indicates acutely clogged (clogged but not hard to reverse), yellow means chronically clogged and orange or black means degeneratively clogged.  CAUTION:  A pancreas or liver or kidney psora (coloration) overlaid on a lymph node can make it look chronically clogged when in reality there are 2 separate conditions registering.

If there is nothing wrong with the lymphatic system the nodes are undetectable.  Location of a lymph node can be done fairly accurate.  If for instance you see one at 3:30 in the right eye, that would indicate that the lymph node is somewhere in the breast area.

I have never personally seen a lymph node in a true brown eye.  I suspect they do not show up in them as they do in a true blue.

REFLEXOLOGY:  On top of both feet above and along all the toes and from the ankle across the foot.  

HELPS TO IMPROVE FUNCTION:  Since most lymph nodes are within muscles exercise acts as a pump to circulate lymph fluid lessening the chance of clogging.  Keeping the body clean of toxins and digesting properly and limiting excess protein also helps.

DETRIMENTAL TO IT'S HEALTH:   Inactivity, scarring from injury or surgery, excessive proteins (meats and milk products especially), acidosis and tight clothing can inhibit lymph drainage.



Autoimmune diseases are believed by some to be an overactive immune response which attacks the person's own tissue indiscriminately.  They body is an amazing machine and not given enough credit by those who believe that theory.  

When the immune system starts attacking the body it is the toxins in the cells that it is attacking . The immune system has not run amuck.

Auto immune diseases include:  Arthritis, MS, Lupus, Hashimoto's Disease, Myasthenia Gravis, Throtoxics, Grave's Disease, Chronic Atrophic Gastritis, Primary Adrenal Atrophy and Scleroderma, etc.


Poor immune response.

Lymphoma - cancer of the lymph nodes.


MAIN VITAMINS:  B-complex, A, C E, B-5, B-6 are needed for the formation of antibodies.

Burdock Blood Purifier
Echinacea Best lymph cleanser (see additional comments at the end of this article.)
Garlic Nature's antibiotic (Russian antibiotic)
Ginger Compress stimulates and dissolving congestion
Goldenseal Antibiotic action, blood cleanser
Myrrh Helps fight or ward off infection
Oregon Grape Helps cleanse out staph
Parsley Increases resistance to diseases
Periwinkle Leukemia, Hodgkin's and Lung Cancer

Lymph Cleanse (formally IGS II) Helps fight infection
Lymph Cleanse HY (formally HIGS II) Infection fighter for hypoglycemics
BP-X Blood Purifier
BP-C Chinese Blood Purifier

Lymphotism Mental and physically fatigue associated with immune stress.

Onion Poultice Sulfur helps bust up congestion
Grapine Anti-oxidant (Pycnogenol)
L-Arginine Immune stimulant anti-tumoral


 I strongly disagree with the theory that the body for no good reason  turns on itself.  The body I believe is adjusting to an imperfect environment and it is attacking the cells of an organ or system because of toxicity or impurities in that part.

Many people take echinacea constantly.  I do not condone this practice for 3 reasons.

One is since it is an immune stimulant the body's homeostasis (body adjustment to it's environment.  An example of this is caffeine.  At first the caffeine will stimulate the body and the person will experience energy.  When taken for a long period of time, the caffeine does not give them the zip as it first did.) leaving this herbs not as effective when really needed.

The second reason is that echinacea can lower the amount (slightly) of friendly flora in the body.  

The last reason is it does not allow the body's natural immune response to develop as fully.  

Now that the medical profession is switching over to herbs, they try to use them as medicines, making some of the same mistakes and not touching the potential of natural health.

Exercise especially on a mini trampoline helps purge clogged lymph nodes.

I suggest no underarm deodorant, especially antiperspirants keeps toxins from being eliminated through the skin.

Oils also clog up the skin  stopping toxins from being eliminated through the pores, overtaxing the lymph nodes.

Other parts of the immune system are: Thymus, Spleen, Tonsils and Peyer's Patches.  All are important and shouldn't be taken out indiscriminately.

A yes answer indicates
Are you sick often or do you recover from infections slowly A sluggish or congested lymphatic system

ADDITIONAL READING:  None of which I am aware.

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