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Pineal Gland weakness can cause Vitiligo, SAD, Understanding the pineal gland, its function and what makes it healthy in easy to understand terms.


SYSTEM:  Endocrine (glandular)



SHAPE:  Pine cone (oval) (see Title Page Pineal)

SIZE:  Pea

LOCATION:  Reddish gray gland Center of the brain attached to the upper portion of the thalamus.

FUNCTION:  In  conjunction with the adrenal glands it effects skin pigmentation, helps with potassium and sodium levels in the body.  It controls your mental stability, and mental and sexual growth.  It is believed by the majority of those involved in the health sciences that many of the functions of the pineal gland have yet to be understood.  It is believed by many to be the "seat of the soul" and involved with our spirituality.  It controls aging, sleep habits and other glands, and controls calcium passing in and out of every cell.

Produces a hormone called Melatonin which helps slow down the process of aging and also seems to help with the immune system.

When the amount of light received through the retinas (part of the eye) decreases, the more melatonin should be secreted.

Effects the menstrual cycle by igniting the secretions of gonadotrophins (hormones that stimulates testes or ovaries).

Also inhibits the thyroid action.

Melanocyte is a cell that produces the enzyme which  form the pigments that constitutes the color of skin and hair.  Although not yet fully understood, there is a correlation between the action of the melanocyte and the pineal gland.

KINESIOLOGY:  On the top of the head at the crown chakra. (see Page Pineal 4)

IRIDOLOGY:  This small gland shows up in both eyes and must touch the autonomic nerve wreath.  (Left eye: 9 minutes. Right eyes 51 minutes.) (See page Pineal 5)

REFLEXOLOGY:  Both feet on the padded part of the big toe slightly towards the next toe. (see page Pineal 6)

HELPS TO IMPROVE FUNCTION:  Exposure to sunlight and geomagnetic fields.

DETRIMENTAL TO ITS HEALTH:  Tobacco, drugs, stress and Lack of Vitamin A


Enlargement of the Pineal can pinch off the canal that circulates fluid running from the brain to the spinal cord.


Abnormal growths such as tumors

Some mental illnesses


SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder - Which symptoms include: limiting social contact, loss of energy, decreased interest in sex, weight gain, over sleeping and withdrawal.  Usually occurs in the winter.

Abnormal and/or rapid growth of sex glands.

Children acting backward.

Vitiligo (Skin pigment loss.)

MAIN Minerals:  Manganese, Potassium and Sodium

MAIN Vitamins: None of which I am aware. 
Wood Betony Nourishes the Pineal, helps reverse Vitiligo (skin pigmentation loss)
Gotu Kola Nourishes the whole brain and glands
Alfalfa sprouts Energizes the pineal
Parsley Energizes the pineal

Melatonic Melatonin and herbs which nourish the pineal (I don't suggest its continual use)

None of which I am aware

Wheat germ, olive oil, melons and pineapple juice They energize the pineal
Peanuts Contains L-Arginine
Lecithin found in higher quantity in the pineal than any other part of the body


AMINO ACIDS: L-Taurine, L-Ornithin, L-Arginine (take with L-Lysine) and L-Tryptophan


Violet is the primary color and is the highest vibration which effects the pineal gland.  The bare eye (without glasses of any kind) should be exposed to indirect sunlight on a regular basis.  Light reflected by the retina stimulates the pineal gland.  CAUTION:  Looking directly into the sun can damage the retina.

There seems to be a lot of research on ingesting Melatonin either synthetic or that extracted from a cow (bovine) pineal gland.  I know from personal experience that animal hormones do not act exactly as a human hormone.  Just ask anyone who has had labor induced by being injected with (Patocin - an Oxytocin substitute).  You start labor but it is different than the labor that your own body would induce.

Another concern that I have is the fact that when you work for a body par, it becomes even lazier, such as laxatives for the bowel or synthroid for the thyroid.  I believe there has to be a way to support the pineal to help it in its own production of melatonin.  I would only suggest melatonin if symptoms of a weak pineal are unbearable and nutrition has not seemed to help.

Blind people, because of a lack of direct light stimulation to the brain are more susceptible to conditions caused by a weak adrenal.

All races have the same number of pigment cells but the amount used in the skin cells differs from person to person.

The hormone melatonin is now considered by many as an antioxidant (not by me though)

 A yes answer indicates:
Do you suffer from depression during cloudy days or in the winter? Lacking the most nutritious element for the pineal gland.  Sunlight.


HEALTH AND LIGHT author John D Ott publisher The Devin-Adair Co.


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