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Understanding Epstein Barr better known as Chronic Fatigue, the Yuppie disease. Natural suggestions to help the body conquer this virus.

Epstein-Barr, Chronic Fatigue,

The Yuppie Disease

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It has many names, produces many symptoms, and seems to be spreading.  It is actually harder to find information on EBV than on "rabbit fever".  Probably due to the fact that not so long ago many people were going to doctors complaining of extreme fatigue only to be told that it was all in their head.  It is now known that these tens of thousands of patients are infested by a virus, the same virus that can cause mononucleosis and is in the herpes family.

Oftimes this condition starts with flu-like symptoms such as a low grade fever, weak and achy muscles, swollen lymph glands and sore throat.  Unlike the flu you never get back to 100%. The all consuming fatigue is usually accompanied with trouble in concentrating, aching muscles, depression, mood swings, headaches, aching joins, irritability and more.  These conditions can also be symptoms of yeast infestation.

The virus attacks the immune system and is contagious (as mono).  Once it is introduced into the body it remains there.  Many people's immune system builds antibodies against the virus and may never experience any symptoms, they can, however, be carriers.  Like any other virus, antibiotics are ineffective and they might even aggravate the uncontrolled yeast from which at least 50% of EBV patients suffer.

Some people have had good results with herbs historically used to build the immune system such as:  Vitamin C with bioflavinoids (some go up to bowel tolerance and then back off and stay at 1000 mg), VS-C (In my opinion the very best for any virus.), Pau D'arco, Flora Force, Echinacea,  and Trigger Immune {formally IMM-C)

As with any chronic condition it is essential to improve diet and elimination.

What you call this condition is relatively unimportant, realizing how serious and incapacitating it can be is.  It is almost impossible for a non-sufferer to understand the depth of exhaustion of EBV.  During a fatigue attack some people cannot even crawl out of bed.

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