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Fevers: Fevers serve a purpose. Understanding the nature of fevers, how, when to do something for fevers, using natural means.


There are many mother's who call me frantic, because their child has a fever. Panicked, they want to know what naturally will bring it down. The fevers they have worked a sweat over is 101 or so.

I believe this happens because the medical profession has erroneously made the mothers believe that fevers are a bad thing.

Most people do not understand the nature of a fever. A fever results when a foreign organism invades the body and the liver responds by releasing pyrogens which raises the body's temperature. It does this to fry out the enemy. So a fever is not a disease, it is an efficient immune response.

So if your baby is over 3 months old, a fever serves a purpose (under 3 months take your baby to a competent health professional).

Letting this natural immune response to occur, actually, strengthens the immune system. It also lets the immune system develop a type of program (much like a computer program) on how to combat that particular virus/bacteria etc., if it were to be introduced into the body again.

Temperatures below 104 before 4 PM or 103 after 4, but not on the rise, should be of little concern (as long as it is not caused by poisoning or heat stroke or accompanied by pain or infection). All that is necessary is to make sure ample fluids are consumed, to prevent dehydration.

There are several causes of fevers in children and infants: Teething, digestion, bacteria, virus, etc.

If the child is over 3 months and showing no signs of physical distress and if temp if under 104 before 4 PM and under 103 after. Do nothing but force fluids
If the fever seems to be getting out of control, higher than 104, but less than 105 before 4 PM, or child is not able to keep down fluids or has diarrhea. First try forcing fluids and putting onion packs on the soles of the feet. If relief isn't soon, then call a competent health professional
Only in an emergency case and counseled by a competent health professional. Enema
Homeopathic Belladonna and sulfur If Temp is consistently high over 3 days.
If temp is 105 or higher or 104 or higher after 4 o'clock. Or child is not keeping fluids down or has diarrhea or seems in distress. Take to a medical doctor.
Temperatures due to Vaccines, treat as poisons. Take them seriously. Make your doctor take them seriously.

Of course you have to use common sense. This is merely a guideline. Adult fevers should not be allowed to have a temp higher than 104.

There is also a crucial part of taking care of fevers at home. Make sure, before your child has a fever to observe basic good health practices on a daily basis.

That would include: No sugar, No MILK, No coffee, No tea, No Soda, no processed or microwave food.

I personally would not vaccinate a child. I would see they have adequate rest, exercise and eat a diet rich in vegetables and fruits, fatty acids, whole grains and an adequate but prudent amount of fats and proteins.

I would also not give fluoride and see the child drinks plenty of good water.

If your child has a good health base, sickness should very very rarely get out of control.

Also remember that giving your child Tylenol type products is to poison the liver so it can not induce a fever, hence working against the magnificent immune system of your child.

Giving them aspirin can cause Reye's Syndrome.

So remember... A Fever is not a Disease, it is the BODY SUCCESSFULLY COMBATING AN INVADING ORGANISM!!!

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