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Osteoporosis. Understanding the cause, possible prevention, reversal by using supplements, diet, and herbal based hormones.


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Osteoporosis (deteriorating bone mass) is caused by a lack of calcium in the bones.  This everyone knows, but there are many different theories on why some people are lacking calcium.

Lack of Calcium in diet

Some figure that the answer to this problem is to drink milk.  Well, let's look at two of the largest and most bone dense animals on the earth.  One is a an elephant and the other  is a cow.  Neither of these animals consumes milk after they are weaned.  They both receive their calcium from vegetation, just as we should.

Milk is also acidic and takes more calcium out of the body than it puts into the body.  To understand this more fully I suggest you read YOUR HEALTH YOUR CHOICE by Ted Morter

Poor Digestion

Calcium is the largest and most difficult molecule to digest.  We need to have at least a pH balance of 1.7 acid in the stomach to be able to digest calcium.  If you are depending on "TUMS" for your source of calcium you are only going to contribute to your heel spurs, gall or kidney stones.  

Heel spurs, calcium gall or kidney stones are formed by the body when calcium is introduced to the body with conditions that makes it impossible for the body to break it down small enough for the body to use.

Poor Utilization

The human body needs magnesium and vitamin D with the  calcium for the body to be able to utilize it.  Vegetables naturally contain (in the proper ratio) all nutrients that are needed to utilize all of its components.  As a matter of fact, vegetables are our best source.

A Poor source of calcium is Oyster shells for example. How many people see cows chewing on oyster shells?  They were meant to house oysters not to feed man.  For those who worry about conflicting advertising which reports that women who didn't consume milk but were vegetarians have 7% bone loss while their milk drinking, meat eating counterparts had a 35% bone loss.

Did you know there are 2 sources of calcium that nothing in nature consumes for calcium? One is oyster shells, and the other is coral calcium. I mean for pete's sake there are things which consumes road kill for nutrients, but not these two popular calcium sources. Doesn't that say something?

Lack of exercise 

But what is the best kind of exercise?  When astronauts went into space for  a few short weeks ,they returned to earth after being weightless with a marked amount of bone mass loss. (Sometimes up to 40%)

After looking at all type of exercise NASA determined that the acceleration and deceleration of a trampoline did the most for the body's replacing of bone mass.

Stress on the bones through exercise causes the body to increase mass to accommodate the need for extra strength similar to when the skin use is increased and the body accommodates the skin's need for added protection by developing calluses.

Too much protein

For over 30 years science has known that the human adult body should only consume 1.5 oz of protein anything more that that contributes to osteoporosis because the body can not store excess protein. Therefore, the kidneys have to excrete the rest through urine.  Since protein is broken down into the amino acids the kidney in protecting the urinary system needs to buffer the acids with calcium which is then drawn from the bones.

Alcohol, caffeine, cola and chocolate depletes the blood's reserve of calcium which if it is not replenished can be fatal.  The body then seeps calcium from the bones.

pH imbalance

When a person eats or drinks more acidic foods/drinks than they do alkalizing, the body has to buffer or neutralize this acid. One of the first things the body does is rob calcium out of the bones. Therefore a pH balanced diet is essential in preventing osteoporosis.

Estrogen/progesterone balance

Estrogen is needed by the body to add bone cells to the body's structure.  Progesterone is needed to clean out the old bone cells.  Not enough estrogen and the body can't add to the bones.  Not enough progesterone and the body can't clean out the old cells which can make the bones brittle.

If you know which you are lacking then you can add herbal estrogen or progesterone herbs to your diet. If you are not sure I suggest the C-X combination which contains both. It is believed now that most people are lacking Progesterone. I know I have had profound improvement when I use Progyam 500 cream with my calcium supplementation.

Prescription drugs 

Many drugs decrease bone mass.  Anti-inflammatory drugs weaken lower back and hip joints.


When any part of the intestinal system is removed it effects the body's ability to absorb calcium.

Many natural health professionals suggest a daily ingestion 1500 mg of calcium.  Women of child bearing age have an increased need of Calcium because the blood in the uterus is high in calcium for the preparation of a growing fetus which is made mostly of calcium.  Every month that amount of calcium is lost.  


Headaches around menstruation, irritability, nervousness, insomnia, irregular heartbeat, cramps in the feet or legs and poor blood clotting.

Experts agree that an estimate 40% of all women will experience at least some degree of osteoporosis even if they can't agree on the cause.  

I personally think that it is a combination of all the above factors.  Asking someone the cause of ill health is like asking the ingredient to a cake, some will say flour, others will say eggs or sugar,  I say it takes all of the above to make a cake and all of the above to insure warding off osteoporosis.

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