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Vitiligo, Understanding the weak gland, deficiencies which can cause vitiligo, supplements which will stimulates the body's own melanin production suggested.


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An estimated 2 million people have white patches on their skin (vitiligo).  The most famous is Michael Jackson.

Vitiligo is never fatal; however, it is cosmetically bothersome to those who have it.

The main reason for vitiligo evades the medical profession.  However, in the natural field we know to check the link before the symptom.

A lack of melanocytes which produce the melanin (pigmentation) is the cause of this condition. That is why the lack of the melanocytes baffle the doctors.

The link before the melanocyte is the pineal gland (in conjunction with the adrenal gland).

I have worked with 2 little boys with this condition.  One was a bi-racial child the other a white child.  There is no ethnic connection to this condition although the darker the complexion the more noticeable the white patches.

Both boys have had great results with taking Minerals (which feed the pineal).  The one boy took Colloidal minerals while the other took alfalfa which contains many minerals.  The reason the one boy took the colloidal because of his poor digestion.

The bi-racial boy also rubbed mayonnaise on the skin (especially before exposure to the sun's rays).  The other boys mother thought I was nuts.  {Special note: the boy who did the mayonnaise showed improvement in reversing the white patches (actually they completely left filling in with pigment) while it just stopped the condition for the other boy.}

The medical profession admits to not having an effective treatment, they suggest cortisone (which is not a lasting treatment) or suggest depigmentating the surrounding skin (which does absolutely nothing for the origin of the cause).

It takes several months of taking minerals before you notice a difference.  There is also an herb called Wood betony (which grows wild in most areas)  that is also suppose to help.

The best part about going the natural route is making the pineal healthier.

This article is about the main reason for this condition.  There may be more.  But if you suffer from this condition, it would not hurt you to try the above suggestions.  If it doesn't work, then I would research further.

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