SYSTEM: Respiratory



SHAPE: Soft, spongy and coned shaped (see Lungs Title Page)

SIZE: The right lung has three lobes and is larger, wider and shorter than the left.  The left lung is smaller, narrower and longer with 2 lobes. The average lung capacity is 750 ml or 1 quart.

LOCATION: Enclosed by the diaphragm (upper chest) and thoracic cage (ribs) and are separated by the heart, heart vessels, thymus, trachea and esophagus.

FUNCTION: Intakes Oxygen to oxygenate the blood, eliminates waste and carbon dioxide and controls air flow for voice activity.

KINESIOLOGY: There are 2 test zones located in the soft tissue depression 2 inch below outer 3rd of the clavicle (collarbone) on both sides. Touch/tap (see lungs Page 6)

IRIDOLOGY: In both eyes.  Right eye at 9:00 to 9:50. In the left eye at 2:10 to 3:00 neither touch the autonomic nerve wreath (see Lungs Page 7).  Also check out medulla.

REFLEXOLOGY: About 1 inch below toes on ball of foot (see Lungs Page 8)

HELPS TO IMPROVE FUNCTION:  Breathing clean air, deep breathing exercises, exercising, staying away from mucus or acid forming food, eating fresh fruits and vegetables.  If bowels are congested the mucus does not drain properly.

DETRIMENTAL TO ITS HEALTH: Smoking and second hand smoke. Pollutants, hidden gases, excessive heat or cold, dust, milk, all dairy products but butter. Red meats, chemicals, animal dander, asbestos and working in the mines (black lung), clothing factories (brown lung) and in bakery (white lung)


Chronic cough, bluish lips or nails (cyanosis), pain in chest, difficult or painful respiration, coughing up blood, shortness of breath, gasping, congestion and rattled breathing.



MAIN MINERALS: All especially calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, copper, fluorine and silicon.

MAIN VITAMINS: C reduces inflammation and moves mucus, A maintains healthy mucous membranes and E antioxidant protects lung tissue.

Chickweed Expectorant
Fennel Helps calm spasms and cleanses
Fenugreek Cleans out bronchial passages
Garlic Expectorant and infection fighter
Goldenseal Clears up sinus congestion and fights infection
Horseradish Expectorant
Lobelia Expectorant and antispasmodic
Marshmallow Expectorant
Mullein Nourishes medulla oblongata which will increase the depth of involuntary respiration.
Slippery Elm Cleans out excess mucus
Thyme Moves mucus


Co-Q10 Cells hold unto oxygen longer
Ayurvedic Bronchial Formula (formally BRN- Enzymatic support of the lungs
VS-C For viral infections of the lung
LH Lung Health, thins and moves mucus and nourishes lungs
ALJ Allergies and Lungs. Cleanses respiratory
LH-C Lung Healer. Emphysema, for weak lungs.
Chinese Breathe EZ (formally AL-C) Thins and moves mucus
Fenugreek and Thyme Cleans out mucus
Marshmallow and fenugreek Activates cleansing of lungs
Four Loosens and cleanses, pleurisy root
Tei Fu Oil Opens up air passages


Asthma Helps strengthen respiratory system
Animal hair/dander Allergies Allergic to animals
Hayfever/Pollen Allergies Pollen and Hayfever allergies
Tobacco Detox To help quit smoking
Cough syrup DH Colds, sinusitis, influenza, bronchitis and asthma
Cough syrup LP For loose moist phlegm and difficulty expectoration (discharging phlegm)
Cough syrup NT Common cold or throat irritation


Onion Steam and eat for expectorant mucus plugs
Onion Grate as poultice on chest
Mustard plaster To loosen phlegm and infections Caution: can burn skin


Most people have respiratory problems because of their ingestion of milk products, i.e.: milk, cheese, ice cream, yogurt.

Red meats and sugar also contribute to mucus problems.

The herb (Ma Huang) contains compound ephedrine. Caution: Do not take Ephedra with caffeine products (it can cause heart attacks or stroke); avoid this herb if you have thyroid disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or enlarged prostate.  Ephedra is found in Sinus Support (formally SN-X), Chinese Breathe EZ (formally AL-C), LH and Nature's Chi.

Drinking plenty of liquids helps ensure lung secretion and helps keep mucus thin.

Vaporizers help with needed moisture, but make sure they are cleaned thoroughly often to prevent airborne bacteria.

Don't suppress cough if it is productive unless you are losing entirely too much sleep.

Old fashion mustard pack


Mix ingredients together, apply to soft cloth preferably flannel.  Leave on until skin turns pink (approx. 15 min).  If left on too long or on sensitive skin, it can cause a burn.

Yes answer indicates
Do you suffer from shallow breathing or sleep apnea? Weakness on medulla
Do you have spider veins, varicose veins or red blood spots (hemangioma) on skin? Profound Vitamin C deficiency
Lung ever collapse? A profound Vitamin A deficiency or need for LH


None specifically for the Lungs that I am aware of.

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