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Tonsillitis, Tonsils, Understanding Tonsil, what causes infection, herbal suggestions. Anatomy of Tonsils explained in easy to understand terms.


SYSTEM:  Immune System

CATEGORY:  Group of Lymph nodes

NUMBER:  A. (2) Palatine tonsils  B. Masses of Lingual tonsils  C. Masses of Pharyngeal tonsils better known as adenoids (see Title Page Tonsils).

SHAPE:   Varied See illustration on Title page.

SIZE:   They swell when they are actively fighting infection.

LOCATION:  A. Palatine (on either side of the throat) B. Lingual (back of throat where the tongue anchors to throat.  C. Pharyngeal (above the soft part of the roof of the mouth in back of the throat. (adenoids))

FUNCTION:  Works to fight infection.  Stores sulfur needed to bust up and fight infection.

Being at the terminus (furthermost point) of the lymphatic system, excess toxins work their way up to the tonsils and are released where they are either coughed up or go down the throat into the stomach and onto the intestine to be eliminated. To remove the tonsils is to close off this access of elimination.

KINESIOLOGY: Both sides of the neck under the jaw.

IRIDOLOGY:  Both eyes. Right eye at 2:00 and the left eye at 10:00.  Also get a feel for the toxic level of the whole body.

REFLEXOLOGY:  At the base of the big toe on each foot.

HELPS TO IMPROVE FUNCTION:  A toxin free body.  Adequate amount of vitamin C (BA 1000 mg). Sulfur.  Keep bowels moving.

DETRIMENTAL TO ITS HEALTH:  Viruses and bacteria, refined sugar, fats, oils and especially milk products.  A highly toxic bowel.


  • Tonsillitis which symptoms can include: Swelling, redness, pain in the throat and can be accompanied by coughing, hoarseness, fever, runny nose and difficulty in swallowing.
  • Swelling of the tonsils can affect drainage of the Eustachian tube which can contribute to ear infections.


 Enlarged tonsils indicate infection.


Swollen or congested tonsils can pinch off the Eustachian tube inhibiting its drainage, which could cause an ear infection.

The tonsils can become pitted and develop plaque (as like gets on the teeth) in them, it then often works its way out, leaving a little whitish thing in the throat that usually is bitter and has a really pungent smell.

MAIN MINERALS:  Sulfur (main mineral-very important), Silica, Zinc

MAIN VITAMINS:  Vitamin C (very important), Vitamin A



Black Walnut

Natural iodine (use liquid to paint back of throat) 


Purifies and cleanses blood system 


Gargle at your own risk (can be very hot) 


Stimulates immune system, improves lymph drainage, contains sulfur 

Goldenseal Nature's antibiotic
Lobelia Removes congestion, contains sulfur
Mullein Pain, loosens mucus, high in sulfur
Myrrh Antiseptic properties.  Soothes inflammation
Sage High in Sulfur

White Oak Bark 

Gargle, antiseptic and shrinking ability 

 BP-X Blood purifier and detoxifier 
Lymph-cleanse H (formally HIGS II) Viral and bacterial infections.  (if hypoglycemic-low blood sugar)
Lymph-cleanse (formally IGS II)  For both bacterial and viral infections 

Lymphotism Stimulates lymphatic system.
Sore Throat/Laryngitis  For pain and inflammation 

Liquid Chlorophyll Helps build and cleanse the body
L-Arginine Stimulates the immune system
Garlic pearl Sucking on the pearl for a few hours.  For its antibiotic properties and pain.  Also contains sulfur.
Onion Poultice The Sulfur helps bust up and draw out infection
Gargle with warm salt water  (real salt that contains organic iodine) 


Often time the tonsils will scar after a bout of tonsillitis, which lower the potential of their function.  It may help to reduce scaring after tonsillitis if the body  is given Vitamin E, E and D.

It tonsils have not been removed completely they have the ability to grow back, possibly indicating to us how important they are.

At one time the medical profession used X-ray treatments on tonsils to shrink them.  Now they realize that this process greatly increase that person's chance of getting cancer of the thyroid.  Since this treatment was causing cancer, this technique is no longer used.

A study at Warren Air Force Base detected that the removal of tonsils made it harder for the patient to detect streptococcal infections (strep throat) which could left untreated can lead to Rheumatic fever.

I believe (unless death is imminent, without a tonsillectomy) that all should be done to try to save the tonsils.  There are studies in progress that suggests that closing off this lymph outlet lets toxins backup and contribute to an array of conditions; anything from lung problems to endometriosis.

Organic sulfur is very important to many aspects of health.  This nutrient should not be confused with it's kin inorganic sulfur which can be poisonous.

Every year 100-300 children die due to complications caused by a tonsillectomy.

It is been stated by Dr. Robert S. Mendlesohn, MD in his book HOW TO RAISE A HEALTHY CHILD IN SPITE OF YOUR DOCTOR, that although at least 60% of children will be recommended to have a tonsillectomy that no more than 1 in 10,000 (that is .01%) would actually require the operation.


 Are nails, skin and hair healthy Possible sever deficiency of sulfur (could also be a lack of silica or Vitamin E) 
Are you chemical intolerant?  (Add sulfur herbs) 

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