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Cancer causes and prevention explained, natural treatments, lifestyle, herbs and diet suggested, ph balance also explained.


The word cancer alone puts the fear into most people. People often associate it with death. Yet there have been countless books written by those who have overcome this disease.

I believe that cancer can be cured naturally. I believe this because I have directly and indirectly worked with several people who are now cancer free.

Most people who come to Natural Practitioners are in the last stages of cancer, have gone through chemo and/or radiation and are afraid and desperate.

They also usually only stick with a natural health regimen for a few weeks. Most often being torn away from natural health by their family who loves them desperately and think that they are helping, or by doctors who intimidate them.

One instance of this is a doctor who told a lady that if she got her nutrients from juicing her own home grown vegetables instead of from Ensure that she would certainly die.

I have worked, however, with several people who really stuck it out. Oftentimes having to choose between what their doctors told them and what their common sense told them, their results have been nothing short of miraculous.

The most dramatic story is that of a lady who lives around the Pittsburgh area. At the end of October of 1995 the doctor's prognosis was that her breast and bone cancer would end her life and that she would never see that Thanksgiving.

This lady was literally on her death bed, being moved with sheets so not to break her bones.

She had radiation treatment without favorable results. Her sister contacted one of my downline managers. She started on a natural regimen.

At an herbal lecture (5 months later) this lady walked up to my downline manager and told her how according to her doctor she was in complete and total remission and was back to all her normal life activities.

Side Note: This lady's doctor would not concede that the herbs had anything whatsoever to do with her remission by rather labeled it as a spontaneous remission.



  •  Correct any pH imbalance.
  • (Make sure that least 80% of my diet was of RAW vegetables and fruits and whole grains).
  •  Try to eat only organically grown foods.
  •  Add a good colloidal mineral supplement.
  • Keep my bowels moving properly (proper time of elimination is to eliminate fully after a meal not less than 12 hours and not more than 24 hours after consuming that meal. Eating a food such as whole kernel corn that is easily detected in the feces is a good way to determine bowel transit time
  • Drink a lot (even up to 100 oz of GOOD water DAILY).
  • Keep all eliminating systems working that is: respiratory, skin, bowel and urinary.
  • Keep a positive attitude.
  • Get fresh air (if possible) and sunlight.


  •  Eat dead (from being cooked) or unnatural foods (processed foods).
  •  Drink coffee, tea or soda at al (not regular not decafe)l.
  •  Drink alcohol or use over the counter drugs.
  • Use tobacco products in any form.
  • Use milk products including yogurt, cheese, ice cream nor Ensure.
  • Consume any unnecessary chemicals or food additives.
  • Expose myself to EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) from:
    1.  Heated water beds
    2. Hair dryers
    3. Microwaves
    4. TV or video games
    5. Electric clock by bedside

    I WOULDN'T Trust 100% in anyone's opinion or instructions unless I understood fully the reasons for their suggestions (including doctors or those in alternative health).


    I would also get close to God the only source of healing of our body as well as the healing of our spirit.

    I would nutritionally support the organ in which the cancer lies, for example if it is bone cancer, I would provide the body with the calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and hormonal support that the body needs to build healthy bones.

    I would also nutritionally support and stimulate the immune system. Since the body's homeostasis may take for granted stimulation I would rotate:

    Stimulator - one bottle then...

    E-Tea - (also known as Essiac Tea) one bottle then...

    Pau D'Arco - one bottle then go back to Immune Stimulator and start the rotating again.

    I would also take a combination called  Defense Maintenance and rotate with it Una de Gato.

    I would cleanse the blood with either BP-X or Red Clover Blend and keep the body detoxified I would supply the body with a  multi-mineral such as liquid chlorophyll or better yet Mineral Chi or Colloidal Mineral; and take Vitamin C each day.

    I would rest as the body dictates.

    Should cancer be scary? Maybe, but only if you underestimate what the body can overcome when detoxified, put back into proper balance and given the material it needs to heal.

    There is an excellent tape called "CANCER DOESN'T SCARE ME ANYMORE" by Lorraine Day MD. It can help put the fear of cancer in it's perspective.

    The focus of this site is to "educate, validate, and suggest alternative methods for the treatment of health conditions," which are not readily available to those who go through mainstream programs.

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    ***When working with natural health it is beneficial that you have an understanding of the signs of a healing body. ***