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Vertigo, Causes, herbal suggestions to help overcome Vertigo, Menieres, Dizziness, Lightheadedness


Vertigo is a condition which symptoms include: nausea, unsteady gait, loss of balance and exhaustion.  It can be triggered by quick or dramatic movements.

There are two types of Vertigo.  One is Subjective Vertigo - feels like the person is floating or moving in space.   The other is Objective Vertigo - feels like the room or objects are moving around.  

There are many theories on what causes Vertigo.  The most common is Medications.  The others include, cranial pressure,  sinus pressure, inner ear fluid and brain injury.  But many have been helped with improving circulation to the head area.

I believe it is a distruption in the inner ear with the floating device system which lets the brain know which way is up. Much like a needle in a compass, but in a 3D motion.

Fatty acids are very important in keeping this floating device system working. Therefore I suggest Super Omega 3 oil and Evening primrose oil in aggressive amounts (taken with a protein)



Red Raspberry

High in Manganese, which deficiency can cause vertigo


To arrest dizziness especially if accompanied by headache.


This aromatic helps open up sinus.

Gingko & Hawthorn

To help improve circulation to the brain.

Vitamin E

Helps improve circulation to the brain.

It also seems to be helpful to avoid: milk products, caffeine, salts, alcohol and Aspartame (Nutra-sweet).

Many people who have been diagnosed with Vertigo also have Meniere's.

More people report improvement by taking Gingko and Hawthorn (20 a day) and Red Raspberry (12 a day) than any other combination of which I am aware.

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